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Hello World.

This blog has been about 22 years in the making. We met on the first day of 3rd grade back in 1990. Two chubby 8 year olds – one crying because she just moved and was starting at a new school, the other asked if she wanted to be friends (we’ll let you decide who was who). From there started a life long friendship, of which this blog has been born. Both having a love of food, cooking, baking, and anything remotely related, we are going to share our favorite recipes and much more. To prove that no matter what our difference in opinion, lifestyle, or favorite kombucha flavor may be, we can come together to create something great…

Susan, the Type A, vegan, who makes a killer banana bread, and Morgan, the day dreamer, with the ever changing diet, who can cook the heck out of an oxtail… combined, we are Fried Tofu.

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  1. Susan #

    Nice job, I’m gong to enjoy reading your blog and trying the recipes posted.

    October 4, 2012

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