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Happy Halloween from Fried Tofu!

Well it’s Halloween and officially the end of Vegan MoFo (sigh). It’s been a tiring month – we launched the blog in late September and I went right into posting every weekday for all of October, determined to post everyday for Vegan Month of Food. Quite the introduction to blogging that was! Read more

Asparagus Rice Pilaf

When I met my husband he was the type of person that had to have his broccoli covered in cheese. I on the other hand grew up eating vegetables and loved them o’natural. Over the years I slowly introduced Todd to new vegetables and healthier ways of cooking them. And to his credit, he’s not so bad in the kitchen himself and has done his own experimenting with veggies – it also helps that he’s always willing to try something at least once. Read more


There was one day (yes only one) where the stars aligned and I was able to take a long lunch. So, Morgan and I headed out to Water Tower Place to try Foodease, a gourmet food market. The big draw for us was the beautiful looking salad bar, although they offer much more than that. Read more

Owen & Engine – Vegan Style

We visited Owen & Engine for brunch recently, a British-inspired gastro-pub. In their own words, “Owen & Engine is based on a simple idea of offering rustic British-inspired comfort food with real ales and a carefully crafted beverage program. Trends are unimportant; quality is key.” Read more

Vegan Cakeballs

I volunteered to bake for my company’s Bake Sale a week ago. You may have seen that Morgan wrote a little bit about this Breast Cancer Bake Sale in her Lemon Pound Cake post.  I wanted to make something Vegan , but didn’t want to make my banana bread again, so I was trying to think of something new that was also Vegan and easy to sell in individual pieces. I looked up a few Cakeball recipes (these were perfect to sell individually) and decided to Veganize them. Read more

BOT Bakery

Morgan and I ventured out to the Logan Square Farmers Market this past Sunday. We always seem to stumble upon something new at the Farmers Market and this time it was a Bakery… BOT Bakery to be exact. This is an Organic, Vegan AND Gluten-Free bakery in Chicago – we were in heaven. Read more

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

About 5 years ago, I decided to try being vegan for 3 months. This was my first step in understanding where the food I consume comes from and what I am putting in my body. Learning about the vegan diet, opened my eyes to how animals make their way to our plates and how our decisions can affect the world we live in. Read more

Sweet Cashew Crema

Another great recipe from my new Pure Vegan Cookbook – Sweet Cashew Crema. I have eaten alot of cashew cream and in many different forms, but have never attempted to make it it at home. When I saw the recipe didn’t call for an entire block of tofu I thought how perfect it was that I had leftover tofu to use from my Caprese Stack recipe. Read more

Vegan Bloggers Unite!

My Vegan Bolognese recipe was recently featured on Vegan Bloggers Unite!  I was so excited to see my post, my bio and my picutre (!!!) out on another blog.  Thanks for getting the Fried Tofu name out there VBU! Read more

Banana Bread Face Off

Baking makes Morgan nervous. I, on the other hand, love the preciseness of it, which is why I decided to challenge her with a baking Face Off. Well it really was a challenge for both of us – I had never attempted a Vegan version of my mother’s Banana Bread recipe, Morgan had never attempted baking, period (well let me be honest, she’s attempted, but her nerves usually get in the way). Morgan also had the added challenge of making her Banana Bread Gluten Free (first time trying Gluten Free baking ever!). Read more

Kay’s (Gluten Free) Banana Bread

I’ve never thought of myself as a baker. I hate measuring ingredients, and love having the liberty to add a bit here and there when cooking. So when Susan wanted to do the banana bread face off, saying I was nervous is an understatement. Read more

Kay’s (Veganized) Banana Bread

I am somewhat known as the master of Banana Bread (well around my office and friends, that is). My mother’s banana bread was always a hit. For about a year straight I was constantly making batches of it because of all the leftover bananas in our house. Read more

Green Olive & Miso Dressing

Salads are no stranger to me. To keep them from becoming the same old, same old, I enjoy experimenting with different dressing recipes and sometimes making up my own. This dressing was thought up when I was was trying to clean out my fridge one day. This jar of olives was taking up too much real estate in my door. I thought about putting the olives on my salad at first, but then decided they might give my dressing the kick it needed. Read more


My mother-in-law has wanted me to try Chowpatti, a Vegetarian restaurant in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for a long long time now.  We finally were able to plan a lunch date, in honor of my Birthday, and she was kind enough to treat me, Morgan and my sister-in-law Susie to lunch (Thanks Dianne!). Read more

Gluten Free Lemon Pound Cake

Baking has never come easy to me, and now that I am gluten free it seemed even more daunting than before. Knowing that I would have to suck it up at some point, I bought some gluten free baking flour (by Bob’s Red Mill), rolled the dice and did my best. Which I did, and for two worthy causes. Read more