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Vegan MoFo 2012

Well it’s Vegan MoFo 2012 and here I am, Vegan and blogging.  As a newbie to blogging I had to do a little research into what Vegan MoFo was all about.  It stands for Vegan Month of Food and starting October 1 Vegan Bloggers vow to post as much as they can about Vegan food.  The idea is to post something every weekday, so about 20 posts throughout the month of October, all in an effort to get the word out about being Vegan.  Check out the awesome MoFo Blog Roll this year.

For my first post of Vegan MoFo I want to talk about colorful food and give you a little back ground into how it lead me to this very place in life as a food blogger.

This picture was my first ever picture of food I snapped – well maybe not my first, but it was my inspiration.  I was making myself a small lunch salad one weekend and when I looked down I realized how beautiful my simple salad looked, so I snapped a picture with my phone.  I always loathed people who took pictures of food and shared it all over Facebook, but soon realized why it bothered me – they’re posting pictures of Yellow Food!  My salad was so full of color, no wonder I suddenly felt the urge to take a picture of it.  Then the next day I made myself a wrap for lunch and realized again how colorful my lunch looked, so I snapped another picture.

But what was I going to do with all these pictures of my colorful food?  I wouldn’t dare go posting them on Facebook or Instagram.  I thought blogging could work; maybe putting some context around my pictures would make more sense than just throwing images up on social media.  It wasn’t more than 2 weeks later that my best friend (who by the way had no idea I was starting to photograph my food) asked me if I wanted to start blogging with her.  I accepted her proposal and we spent that evening and the next 2 months starting up this blog.

While my above photos are not “professional” the food sure looks good.  I’ve always enjoyed eating food that is diverse in color and typically insist on having something green with every meal I eat.  Now it’s time to share my colorful pictures of  food with you – and if you don’t already eat colorful food, I hope this blog inspires you to change.

Vegan MoFo – what a challenge this will be, but also a great way to kick off!  I may ask Morgan to help me out a bit and get some of her great Vegan recipes and ideas up here, so be on the look out for posts from us both.

Happy Blogging!

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