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Fall Farmers Market – Daley Plaza, Chicago

Morgan and I visited the Farmers Market in Daley Plaza last week for one of the final times this year. We both work downtown and you can often find us at this farmers market on Thursday during our lunch break, if my crazy schedule permits. I love this farmers market because it allows me to stock up at the end of the week for the weekend of cooking ahead. This farmers market sadly ends on October 18th, however that means it’s almost time to switch to the Indoor Market in Logan Square.

We picked up some great stuff last week including decorative gords…

Brussel Sprouts…

Romanesco Broccoli (awesome!)…

Fingerling Potatoes…

Vegan Mushroom Burgers and Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce…

Both these mushroom items were purchased from what I call the “Mushroom Stand”, really called River Valley Kitchens from Burlington, Wisconsin.

These burgers are wonderful – I am going to have to stock up for the winter ahead. The ingredients are simple, yet so flavorful and meaty. Roasted Mushrooms are the star of the show giving this burger a grilled taste. Other ingredients include Potato, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Onions, Roasted Garlic, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Sherry Vinegar, Salt and Mustard Powder. Yum…I think I’ll have one for dinner, no I should save them…

Thank you River Valley for bringing me my favorite Vegan Burger! I think a road trip up to the farm is in order.

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