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Be Nice to Bunnies!

I know how easy it is to pick up toothpaste, make-up, shampoo (you name it) at the store without even thinking about the suffering animals may have gone through to deliver your beauty supplies. The majority of people are not informed or take the time to get informed about animal testing – and I agree, it really takes some initiative and time to sit down and research it. The easy way out is to just buy what the stores are putting in front of you or what the advertisements are saying. However, Be Nice to Bunnies (BNB) puts animal testing information in the palm of your hand and I highly recommend it.

What is BNB? It’s an iPhone app that any person living a Vegan lifestyle should have. As a matter of fact, even if you are not Vegan anyone who doesn’t want to purchase products or support companies who animal test should have this app. BNB allows you to look up companies and products to confirm if they are Vegan, if they are nice to bunnies (aka don’t animal test) or if they fall into the cruel category. I use this app every time I am out shopping for cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hair products, vitamins, fragrances and even pet supplies for my dog. It’s a great tool to have in your back pocket that allows you to make informed decisions while shopping.

It makes me very sad to think about all the animal testing and cruelty that goes on in this world. Thank you BNB for making it much easier for everyone to shop cruelty-free, support the right companies and to be nice to bunnies!

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