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BOT Bakery

Morgan and I ventured out to the Logan Square Farmers Market this past Sunday. We always seem to stumble upon something new at the Farmers Market and this time it was a Bakery… BOT Bakery to be exact. This is an Organic, Vegan AND Gluten-Free bakery in Chicago – we were in heaven.

In their own words “Bot Bakery is an organic, vegan and gluten-free bakery and kitchen. We are certified by GFreeV. Currently our baked goods can be found locally in Chicago at Green Grocer, Delicious Cafe, Food Smart, Garden Gourmet Market, Half Italian, Logan Square Farmer’s Market, Polish Triangle Farmers Market, Evanston Central St. green market and Loyal Farmers Market. We are available for catering events and custom orders.”

Morgan and I picked up 3 treats on Sunday. First we tried the Spicy Pepper and Leek Scone. A savory scone, I originally picked up for my husband, but ended up eating myself. I had never tried a savory scone before, always went for the sweet options. It was definitely spicy (which I loved) and went great paired with my coffee.

Next we tried the Pumpkin Cheese Cake. The Cheese Cake is a combination of house made Cashew Cheese and soy cream cheese baked over a graham cracker crust. I shared about 2 bites with Morgan and finished it all myself. It wasn’t too heavy and was great for breakfast!

And finally we had the Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll. This was covered in frosting and the middle was so gooey, sweet and wonderful.

BOT Bakery offers so many more treats & goodies, from cakes, to loaves, to cookies, to tarts and pastries. Buy BOT Bakery via email or calling Betty:   Email BOT Bakery or 773-495-4615

Don’t forget to get social with BOT Bakery – Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

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