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Owen & Engine – Vegan Style

We visited Owen & Engine for brunch recently, a British-inspired gastro-pub. In their own words, “Owen & Engine is based on a simple idea of offering rustic British-inspired comfort food with real ales and a carefully crafted beverage program. Trends are unimportant; quality is key.” They list on their website the Artisans and Farmers where they buy their food, showing support for local, fresh ingredients.

There were not many Vegan options on the menu, but they were very accommodating and I was able to try 3 different dishes. Stay tuned for Morgan’s Non-Vegan follow up post to this brunch outing.

I tried a couple of the Libations – the Duchess (left) consisted of Cava, Lime and Wild Strawberry Liqueur. The Campi di Fragole (right) included Gin, Wild Strawberry Liqueur, Lemon, Cava and Mint. Both drinks were not overly sweet and were great compliments to my meal.

I started with the Seasonal fruit & nut plate. For the non-Vegans this comes with a sweet ricotta & honey dip, but I enjoyed this dish o’natural, while Morgan and Todd split the ricotta.

For my meal I ordered the Werp Farm Mixed Green salad. They kindly swapped out the dressing with a fresh citrus vinaigrette. The traditional salad featured Roasted Beets, Sugar Snap Peas, Breakfast Radish, Parmesan, Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette. To Veganize it simply request no Parm and a different dressing. It was a great salad and I couldn’t get enough of the golden beets.

To accompany my salad I ordered some of the Grilled Brown Bread, substituting the butter for homemade jam – wonderful!

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