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There was one day (yes only one) where the stars aligned and I was able to take a long lunch. So, Morgan and I headed out to Water Tower Place to try Foodease, a gourmet food market. The big draw for us was the beautiful looking salad bar, although they offer much more than that.

The Foodease mission is to serve restaurant quality food, to-go. They like to feature local products, signature dishes from Lettuce Restaurants and popular menu items from iconic Chicago restaurants. The salad bar is expansive, they also offer a sushi bar, sandwich counter, gourmet deli, hot entree’s, soup, bakery, chocolate closet, trail mix station and grocery items.

We both went for the salad bar on this visit. My combination consisted of a base of mixed greens and kale with shredded carrot, shredded squash, garbanzos, edamame, cherry tomatoes, black lentils, seasoned tofu, roasted corn and cilantro. I topped it all off with a Vegan seeded kale salad – not sure what all the ingredients were, but I definitely saw pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in there. My dressing of choice was EVOO and lemon infused vinegar. It was a great garbage salad full of protein and vitamin filled veggies.

Morgan’s salad (right) was Vegan on this trip as well. She went for a base of kale all topped with shredded squash, garbanzos, english peas, olives, quinoa salad, roasted peppers and fruit salad. Her dressing was the same as mine – we both couldn’t resist trying that lemon infused vinegar.

Foodease was a great little get-away in the middle of a Friday…looking forward to our next visit to try some of the many other options. Like Foodease on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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