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Happy Halloween from Fried Tofu!

Well it’s Halloween and officially the end of Vegan MoFo (sigh). It’s been a tiring month – we launched the blog in late September and I went right into posting every weekday for all of October, determined to post everyday for Vegan Month of Food. Quite the introduction to blogging that was! Thanks to Morgan for the help with some Vegan posts throughout the month to give me a break here and there. It was great to be a part of it and I already have theme ideas for next year. For now, however, I will take a little break, but don’t worry you’ll still see plenty of Vegan posts from me as well as awesome Face Off’s!

For Halloween this year Morgan, Todd, our friend Brian and myself all dressed up as Beetlejuice and attended a Halloween Party last Saturday. Todd and I went all out on our masks – we are The Maitland’s, Morgan is Lydia and Brian is Beetlejuice. Wish us luck as we head out to a costume contest tonight!

I brought some of my Vegan Cakeballs to the party this weekend and people “couldn’t believe they were Vegan.” I went for the red velvet cakeballs as the inside resembled blood – spooky!

Deanne was kind enough to make some special Vegan cucumber sandwiches at the party (just for me) even though she already had a whole bunch of people to deal with and food to make. These individual sandwiches consisted of tiny wheat bread, Vegan cream cheese, a slice of cucumber and seasoning. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of them, but will very likely make these again one day. Thank De for thinking of me!

Cheers to all the Vegan Bloggers out there who participated in Vegan MoFo this year. It’s been quite a month – I’m exhausted…

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