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Wrap Face Off

Fresh off of Vegan MoFo, Susan and I thought we would be able to take November easy. Ehhh, not so much, because November is National Blog Posting Month. This means, we (mainly me since Susan is blogged-out from October) will be posting each week day during the month of November.

So let’s kick NaBloPoMo off with our third Face Off: the Wraps.

Somewhere in between a sandwich and a burrito, lies the wrap. Served warm or cold, it’s the unassuming option on the menu that everyone picks when they really want to eat a sandwich, but think they should eat a salad. Some of the common wraps occurrences are (or some variation of) the Caesar Salad, Southwest Chicken, and the Roasted Veggie. All have their place in this world, but I wanted something different. Salmon. And dill. And curry, to be exact, all wrapped up together in a brown rice tortilla (my latest tortilla obsession).

I don’t use dill that often, and there is no good reason for it. It is definitely underrated and will be added to my herb garden next summer. Like any fresh herb, the dill really brightens up your dish. Salmon and dill is a classic combination, and I wanted to make a sauce that was diary and soy free. Lucky for me, a dill curry sauce had recently crossed my path, and all I could think about was drizzling it over cooked salmon. Which is exactly what happened. I baked salmon seasoned with the basics: olive oil, lemon juice, and salt & pepper, and wrapped it up in a brown rice tortilla with arugula and my dill sauce. Awesome.

Once I let Susan know my idea (ahem..craving) for this Face Off, she knew exactly how she was going to pull it off. And when I saw her a picture of her wrap, I was jealous. Real jealous. Her combinations of caper cream cheese, dill marinated tofu, and veggies looked like a spot on vegan version of a traditional lox plate. The marinade is versatile enough to be used on fish or chicken, and is also a great start to a dressing. The caper cream cheese is an unexpected and easy way to add flavor and texture to this wrap or any other sandwich. Which wrap do you prefer? Or how would you change ours to make your own version?

Dilled Tofu Wrap Salmon Dill Wrap
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  1. Wow – looks amazing – especially the tofu!! :)

    November 2, 2012
  2. Ha! That is exactly what I think when I order a wrap! Both versions look delicious.

    November 1, 2012

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