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Adopt a Turkey this Thanksgiving

I adopted a Turkey this year for Thanksgiving and Payton was my Turkey friend of choice. Farm Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue organization and every year they do an Adopt a Turkey program that encourages people to save a Turkey at Thanksgiving time through sponsorship.

In their own words “Farm Sanctuary is North America’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has worked to expose and stop cruel practices of the “food animal” industry through research and investigations, legal and institutional reforms, public awareness projects, youth education, and direct rescue and shelter efforts. Farm Sanctuary shelters in Watkins Glen, New York; Orland, California; and Los Angeles, provide lifelong care for hundreds of rescued animals. These animals stand as ambassadors for the billions on factory farms who have no voice, and their stories help raise awareness about the brutal realities of factory farming.”

I heard about this through my friend Sarah-Mai. She does this every year for Thanksgiving and now I will as well – thanks lady for the great idea! When you adopt a Turkey they send you an adoption certificate and picture of your Turkey. I found out that Payton lives at the Northern California Shelter, has a sweet and curious personality and her favorite foods are tomatoes and pumpkin.

Farm Sanctuary even has some delicious looking recipes on their site for a compassionate and Turkey friendly Thanksgiving – Appetizers, Main Dishes, Sides, Gravies and Desserts.  For your main course, skip the Turkey this year and try a Tofurkey or what I am going to try in a few weeks, the Native Wellington.

I will be visiting with family in California for Thanksgiving this year so I won’t have a a feast of Vegan food to share with you unfortunately. However, every year we host a friends Thanksgiving Pot Luck party the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Morgan and I will be sure to share with you the great food we have at that party.

Go on, give it a try. Gobble up a meatless feast this Thanksgiving. Choose Compassion…Choose Vegan.

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  1. So great! I love that you’re starting this tradition. Can’t wait to see what you make next weekend!!

    November 20, 2012
  2. Reblogged this on JOY TO THE WORLD.

    November 16, 2012

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