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Chia Colada Smoothie

I was never really a smoothie maker, until the day I received a stick blender as a wedding gift. Not only is my blender super handy with making soups, but when I realized how convenient and quick it was to blend up a drink before work, my standard oatmeal breakfast routine changed.

If you are Vegan you need to ensure you are getting your proper nutrients, and what a better way to do this than through a smoothie. There are many great mix-in options from Chia Seeds, to Matcha Powder, to Flax – the list could go on and on. Smoothies are an easy way to get your vitamins and essentials in one tasty drink.

I created the Chia Colada smoothie when I was on a So Delicious Coconut Milk kick. Coconut milk in general just reminds me of Pina Coladas – throw in your favorite fruit to the creamy coconut milk, blend, and you have yourself a Virgin Colada. The Chia Seeds in my drink help me to fill up as they expand in your stomach just like bread. I also used some Coconut Oil in this version for some extra coconut kick, but this can easily be omitted and you’ll still end up with a great drink.

Chia Colada

8 ounces Vanilla Coconut Milk
1/2 Cup Mango
1/2 Cup Pineapple
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
1 teaspoon Coconut Oil

Combine all ingredients and blend together until smooth.

What are your thoughts?

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