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Potato Salad Face Off

I know what you are thinking – “What are they doing making Potato Salad in the Winter?” Traditionally at my house for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter my mother’s potato salad always made an appearance. If it didn’t, my cousins were verbally upset about it. Potato Salad replaced or was served along side with the mashed potatoes at all our holiday events. Read more

Dijon Red Potato Salad

This is NOT your mom’s potato salad. My mom’s potato salad is actually nicknamed “Heart Stopping” because of the amount of eggs and mayo it contains. I have yet to Veganize her potato salad, but to hold you over until then here is a much healthier and lighter potato salad for you to sink your teeth into. Read more

Sriracha Sweet Potato Salad

When Susan challenged me to a Potato Salad Face Off, my mind went blank. Potato Salad? But that’s just potatoes and mayo, right? How can I make a good Face Off recipe out of those two things? While mulling it over, my sweet potato obsession started speaking to me, and so I figured I would give it a whirl… Read more


During our Thanksgiving vacation my parents offered to watch my nieces and nephew so that “the kids” could have a night out together (seeing that all the sisters haven’t been together for almost 4 years!). For our Triple-Date Night with my sisters and their husbands we choose to do dinner and a musical in Hollywood. My mom had tried Katsuya, a sushi restaurant, and raved about it, especially the cocktails. We decided to give it a try and needless to say we were not disappointed. Read more

Loving Hut

Homemade meals was how we rolled for our Thankgiving trip to California, however there were a few times that I was able try restaurants; this one in particular was 100% Vegan.  Loving Hut was a place I found when my family was all going to In & Out Burger for lunch and if I wanted more than French Fries I needed to find something else, fast. Read more