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During our Thanksgiving vacation my parents offered to watch my nieces and nephew so that “the kids” could have a night out together (seeing that all the sisters haven’t been together for almost 4 years!). For our Triple-Date Night with my sisters and their husbands we choose to do dinner and a musical in Hollywood. My mom had tried Katsuya, a sushi restaurant, and raved about it, especially the cocktails. We decided to give it a try and needless to say we were not disappointed.

This restaurant catered to everyone. Most people at the table were sushi lovers, so that group was very very happy with their selections. My brother-in-law Paul likes sushi, but is more of a meat eater…he was fulfilled by their steak special of the evening that came paired with some awesome marinated mushrooms. But this post is about my Vegan experience at Katsuya…

Edamame and Shishito PeppersWe started with some Edamame and Sautéed Shishito Peppers. The peppers were a surprise with every bite – about every 5th pepper was spicy and you knew when someone hit one of the spicy ones. They were simply pan fried in oil and very tender. A great way to start our meal and to kick start our taste buds.

My choice of starters was Miso Soup and a Mushroom Salad. The waitress was very kind and checked on all of my food for me to ensure it was Vegan. If it wasn’t Vegan, such as the Mushroom Salad, she had the kitchen change out the non-Vegan part – in this case she had a special Vegan dressing made up for me. The salad was great and even my husband (who I’m slowly transitioning into a mushroom lover) was eating the mushrooms off my plate.

Miso Soup Mushroom Salad

Of course I had to give a few of the cocktails a try. My mom told me about the White Grapefruit Cosmopolitan (left), so that was my first drink. This was made up of Absolut Ruby Red vodka, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice and white cranberry juice. It was one of those drinks that could be dangerous (you could barely taste the alcohol in it!), but it was amazing. My second cocktail was the Kiwi Envy (right). What sold me on this drink was the St-Germain Elderflower liqueur (again, my love of floral drinks got to me). This drink contained St-Germain Elderflower liqueur, gin, hand-pressed kiwis, freshly squeezed lime juice and sparkling water. It was not too sweet and I loved the chunks of fresh kiwi in it.

White Grapefruit Cosmopolitan Kiwi Envy

For dinner I went for 2 traditional sushi rolls – a Vegetable Roll with Carrot, asparagus, cucumber and avocado and a California Roll, sans the crab. The waitress again was very accommodating and said that anything I came up with the kitchen could prepare for me.

Vegetable Roll California Roll Sans The Crab

And finally we get to dessert – to my surprise there is something Vegan on the menu. Although by this time I am absolutely stuffed, if there is a dessert option for me, I MUST get it. Blood Orange Sorbet with fresh berries was my choice – I tossed that cookie over to my brother-in-law as it appeared to not be Vegan and I ate the entire dish.

Blood Orange Sorbet

Not only was Katsuya a great restaurant for food and cocktails, it was also a very customer focused environment. The wait staff was very friendly and very speedy. We never felt that we were waiting very long for any of our food or drinks, they were very attentive and really tied a bow around our whole experience. Check out Katsuya’s Dinner Menu and if you happen to be in one of these cities give them a try: Brentwood, Glendale, Hollywood, Houston, L.A. Live, Laguna Beach, San Diego or South Beach.

Follow Katsuya on Twitter and Like them on Facebook. Thanks for the great meal Katsuya Hollywood!

Katsuya Hollywood

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