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Potato Salad Face Off

I know what you are thinking – “What are they doing making Potato Salad in the Winter?” Traditionally at my house for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter my mother’s potato salad always made an appearance. If it didn’t, my cousins were verbally upset about it. Potato Salad replaced or was served along side with the mashed potatoes at all our holiday events. My mom’s “Heart Stopping” potato salad (as we nicknamed it) was a family favorite, yet also so very fattening.

For this Face Off I did not attempt to make my mother’s “Heart Stopping” potato salad, however, I will one day try to Veganize it (maybe this upcoming summer I’ll tackle that). I created a much healthier and lighter version using Red Potatoes and an Olive Oil and Dijon based dressing. Morgan went down a non-traditional route with Sweet Potatoes and spiced it up with a Sriracha dressing. Both dishes were starchy and filling, yet very different tastes.

If your family is anything like mine you should give one of these Potato Salads a try this holiday season, in place of the mashed or served right along side it. Both recipes are sure to be crowd pleasers…happy holidays!

Sriracha Sweet Potato Salad Dijon Red Potato Salad
Sriracha Sweet Potato Salad Dijon Red Potato Salad
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