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Soulistic Studio and Spa

I’ve done some Yoga here and there and I even used to teach step aerobics classes in college, however I had never once tried Pilates until this past Summer. Morgan used to tell me about her Pilates (which involved turning on a Netflix and doing some planks on her living room floor), I just wasn’t sure if the Pilates workout was going to be challenging enough for me. I decided to give it a shot.

My friend Bill had sent out an email about his wife, Jill, being a Pilates Instructor-In-Training. (I just realized their names rhymed, too cute guys.) I signed up for a private session with Jill at the Soulistic Studio and Spa in Chicago. Not only was Jill a great instructor, but the studio was beautiful and the prices were reasonable. Jill taught me the basics of Pilates and introduced me to the Pilates machines – the Cadillac and the Reformer. The work out gave me exactly what I was looking for – overall muscle toning and a challenge.

Pilates Reformers Pilates Reformer Studio

This one private session soon turned into a handful of semi-private sessions with Morgan, which then turned into many Mat Classes, which then turned into a ton of Cardio Reformer classes. We are hooked.

Yoga andMat Pilates Studio

Soulistic Studio and Spa is my Pilates studio of choice. In their own words, “Soulistic Studio and Spa is a green mind/body studio & spa offering innovative fitness programming and holistic spa treatments that focus on mind/body harmony, flexibility and core conditioning.” Located at the intersection of Chicago and Milwaukee Avenue, the studio is easily accessible via train (blue line), bus or my choice, bike. Their space is beautiful and offer spa services such as massages, facials, waxing, sauna and steam room, private or group Yoga and Pilates classes, Chiropractic consultations, Reflexology, Thai Yoga Therapy, Dance classes and Prenatal classes.

Water Spa Room Earth Spa Room

Yoga & Mat Pilates StudioI have been a consistent customer of Soulistic’s since the summer and have seen great results. I only have good things to say about the staff and instructors at Soulistic; they are friendly, generous and always looking out for you. Soulistic offers a good amount of group fitness classes, if you are expecting they have many prenatal options and as I mentioned above their prices are very reasonable. If you are looking to meet your New Year’s Resolution of losing weight, getting in shape, having more “Me” time, or just looking to relax, give Soulistic a try.

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Rainbow of Mats Namaste
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