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Hummus Face Off

I’m a firm believer in DIY food. Things made at home just taste better and are, for the most part, less expensive than buying it pre-made in the store. For example, hummus. Making it at home allows you to have so much more control over the flavor, the texture, and allows you to experiment with different types of ingredients…and that is what Susan and I did for our Hummus Face Off.

We both have a place in our hearts for the standard hummus made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon juice, but we wanted to branch out for this week’s face off. I had a few cans of cannellini beans taking up room in my cabinet, and Susan had a jar a giardiniera she was wanting to use up. With these as our inspirations we came up with two recipes that were both hits at the Super Bowl Party we attended on Sunday.

Mine, a garlicy white bean hummus with a hit of rosemary, and Susan’s spicy hummus that has a great flavor combination with the chickpeas and giardiniera. Both come together in a matter of minutes and can be made ahead of time, which allows the ingredients to meld together and develop. Serve with bread, veggies or Susan’s home made pita chips, or add to a sandwich instead of mayo.

White Bean Hummus Hot Giardiniera Hummus
White Bean Rosemary Hummus Giardiniera Hummus
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