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White Bean & Kale Soup Face Off

Back again with one of our latest obsessions – Brothy Soups. We live in Chicago, it’s the middle of winter and all we seem to want is piping hot soup. This week we are facing off, you guessed it, brothy soup – White Bean & Kale Soup to be exact. We bring you a turkey version vs. a smokey vegan version – both brothy, flavorful, filling and guaranteed to warm you up.

During this Face Off I realized how creative you can be with White Bean & Kale Soup. You can find it prepared with or without meat, with a variety of different white beans, with or without tomatoes and even with different kinds of Kale. The two constants, of course, are the Kale and the Beans – the beans providing the protein and thickening the soup while the Kale providing the Vitamins B, K, Calcium and Beta Carotene. Not to mention that Kale contains sulforaphane, a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties; moral of the story…Live Long, Eat Kale!

Morgan’s version includes turkey as the main protein and is flavored with Italian herbs. Her soup is simmered for an hour to allow for the flavors to combine and likely make your house smell wonderful. The Vegan version is made smokey with Fire Roasted Tomatoes and liquid smoke added to the broth. I also included pasta in my version to make it a bit heartier. We both used Cannellini Beans (White Kidney Beans) in our recipes, but these can easily be substituted with Navy, Great Northern, Garbanzo or Butter Beans – it all depends on what you like. As I mentioned, this soup is very flexible so have fun with a recipe of your own that includes your favorite protein, beans and vegetables.

Cheers to Brothy Soups (and the early Spring we are supposed to get)!

White Bean, Turkey & Kale Soup Smoky White Bean & Kale Soup
Kale, Turkey & White Bean Soup Smoky Kale & White Bean Soup
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  1. Just found your website. Amazing story you have! We love kale at our house and live down the road from a farm which has its own mekrat. We switch between the kale and swiss chard, depending on what’s available. And I think anything is better with garlic-:). Thanks for this blog. I’ll be back.

    May 29, 2013

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