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Curry Face Off

Curry is a generic term that we (Westerners) use to describe dishes that are Southern or Southeastern Asian cuisine. What do you think of when you hear the word curry? Indian or Asian cuisine? Chinese, Japanese or Thai food? Read more

Seitan Chicken Curry

When I became Vegan I started to cook and eat more Indian food at home. There are these great pre-cooked packets from Tasty Bite and Kitchens of India that make at-home Indian food very easy; all of them are Vegetarian, most are Vegan. However, I discovered it is also just as easy to create your own Indian dishes from scratch, especially if you have Garam Masala and Curry Powder on hand.

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Coconut Chicken Curry

Spring, where the heck are you??? We’ve been waiting patiently, looking out our windows, and not seeing any tulips pop up or buds on trees starting to appear… Please explain yourself, as we are all very curious to find out what your deal is. Seriously.

Seeing as Winter is never leaving, this past Sunday was a chilly one. I, intentionally, went out to run errands in a light jacket. Hoping my outer wear would influence the temperature, which it didn’t, and I re-triggered my cold symptoms. Lucky for me, Susan and I had discussed making curry for our face off this week. A warm and spicy curry, filled with lots of veggies would be just the thing to make me feel better. That, and a Theraflu.

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Chocolate Banana Shake

We’ve all been there before. Staring at the food you have to use up before leaving for a work trip or vacation. Seeing all the dollars you will be wasting if you don’t consume it all prior to heading to the airport. I’m doing this right now. I’m in my kitchen. Staring. The already somewhat-brown bananas, my container constantly full of arugula, sweet potatoes that have probably been there too long already. I see them all, and I have to think of something to do with them.

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Cruelty Free Easter Baskets

If you know me well it should not be a surprise that I have had my Easter Baskets ready to go for weeks now. This year I decided to make it a cruelty free Easter and I created small compassionate gift baskets for my family and friends. I enjoy showing everyone that it really is easy and affordable to live a Vegan and cruelty free life, even when it comes to candy. Here’s what I came up with this year. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 4 – Austin Edition

We just returned from our annual trip to Austin, Texas for South By Southwest. Our purpose of this trip is the music festival, however a huge bonus of being in Austin is the amazing food, people, weather and places to go. We wanted to dedicate this Friday’s Top Five to Austin and SXSW. There are so many great things about this city, it was hard for us to keep it to 5… so we didn’t.

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I’ve been to Yusho both as a Vegan and when I was eating Pecetarian. My husband, who eats in both worlds, always chooses to be an omnivore for his meals at Yusho. He usually leaves the restaurant saying that his “favorite dish he’s ever had” came from Yusho. On this particular visit to Yusho I let the staff know ahead of time that I was Vegan so the kitchen was prepared, however their menu already includes many vegetarian dishes that can be made Vegan if you just ask. Read more

Chicken Salad Face Off

There is something comforting to me about a scoop of chicken salad between two halves of a croissant, in the middle of a tomato or on a bed of mixed greens. It brings back memories of eating lunch in a bustling diner while drinking ice tea and chatting with friends or family. Of course, I am a bit particular about my chicken salad… I don’t like my chicken salad too mayo-y, too watery or too dry. It has to be just right, and  making it at home is the way to ensure it turns out perfect. Read more

Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt & Apples

One day I found myself with a craving for chicken salad and barely a spoonful of mayo left in the jar. Ugh. Instead of running to the store, I eyed a tub of Greek yogurt and wondered if it would work… and those apples I had a surplus of, would those work? And should I throw in onions in to the chicken mix instead of stacking them on top as usual? And how about replacing lettuce with baby kale? Read more

Not-Chicken Salad

Who says you can’t be Vegan and still eat Chicken Salad? I used to love eating tuna, ham or chicken salad sandwiches. Something about the mayonnaise-y consistency of the filling, the crunch of the celery and the flavors of the spices made for one tasty sandwich. I now enjoy my sandwiches sans the meat, but still full of flavor. Read more

Potato Torte

Another wonderful recipe adapted from my Pure Vegan cookbook. This Potato Torte is a combination of thin slices of potatoes coated with garlic, herbs and olive oil, all cooked up together in a spring form pan to give the dish some height. A very savory dish that goes well served alongside other vegetables and/or salad. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 3

It’s March 1st and spring is  (hopefully) right around the corner!  This means warmer weather, light weight jackets, baseball, starting our gardens, and wearing colors other than black. We can’t wait. So, as a farewell to winter, today’s  Friday Top Five is a nod to some of our cold weather favorites. Read more