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Chicken Salad Face Off

There is something comforting to me about a scoop of chicken salad between two halves of a croissant, in the middle of a tomato or on a bed of mixed greens. It brings back memories of eating lunch in a bustling diner while drinking ice tea and chatting with friends or family. Of course, I am a bit particular about my chicken salad… I don’t like my chicken salad too mayo-y, too watery or too dry. It has to be just right, and  making it at home is the way to ensure it turns out perfect.

So, what we have for you is two versions of our favorite chicken salad recipes. Susan’s, of course, is a vegan version with seitan and vegan mayo. Mine is a bit of a deviation from normal chicken salad, because it is made with Greek yogurt, which gives it a nice tart flavor. Both include celery and lemon juice, and both have a few surprises as well!

Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt & Apples Not-Chicken Salad
chicksalad Not-Chicken Salad
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