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Bha! Bha! A Persian Bistro

Persian? Yes, Persian. Not Peruvian? No, Persian. Ok, I’m down with that, when are we going?

This is pretty much how the conversation went with my mother when we talked about our dinner plans for my trip to visit them over this past Easter weekend. Turns out, Persian food, or Iranian food, is a fantastic mash-up of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisean. Finding familiar things on the menu like kebabs, stews, fresh salads, and lots of feta cheese, which always makes me happy, I was very excited to sit down and contemplate my order. Read more

Mac & Cheese Face Off

WARNING – these recipes may cause binge eating! One of America’s comfort foods, Macaroni & Cheese, has been transformed into Vegan and Gluten Free versions for this weeks Fried Tofu Face Off. Read more

Vegan Mac & Cheese

My Truffle Cheese recipe from a few weeks ago makes for a great Vegan Grilled Cheese sandwich and funny enough it also makes for some amazing Vegan Mac & Cheese. Read more

Gluten Free Mac n Cheese

Has anyone else been on a total cheese-binge lately? No? Just me, huh? Well, after our last face off, a few weekends of late night snacks consisting of goat cheese and rice crackers, and a recent cheese curd appetizer in Madison, WI, I’ve about hit my limit. Which is why having a large amount of mac n cheese left over in my fridge, is not a great situation to be in, but I’m sure I will manage. Read more

Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 2)

For my second visit to Elizabeth Street Café I went out to lunch on the “coldest” day of the week for a hot bowl of pho. I had tried the pho (a not-so-vegan version) a year earlier and that dish alone is what made me fall in love with this restaurant. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 6 – Logan Square, we got nothing but love for ya

Our little neighborhood got some mad props this week from the Time Out Chicago’s Eat Out Awards. Four of our local hot spots were winners in their respective categories and made us Logan Squarists very proud of our hood. We have some of our own favorites that we’d like to share with you…right now…here is our Friday Top Five: Read more

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Goodness gracious, do I love coconut. Samoas are my all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Almond Joys and Mounds are two of my top three candy bars, I drink coconut water before and after workouts, and if I buy coconut sorbet, you can bet the pint will be gone within 48 hours…or less (probably less). But somehow, my willpower and I managed not to eat all 16 of these little beauties the day I made them. Read more

Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 1)

It would be an understatement to say that I like Elizabeth Street Café. This little gem was discovered in 2012 when Todd and I were yet again riding around Austin on our Bikes trying to find a place to have dinner. This small café was halfway between our house and the SoCo area. We had ridden by it may times and thought it was just that, a café, coffee and bakery…boy were we wrong. Read more

24 Diner – Austin, Texas

I had 2 great Vegan burgers while in Austin, the most unique one was from 24 Diner. Read more

Grilled Cheese Face Off

April. A month filled with tax anxiety, showers that will hopefully result in May flowers, and grilled cheese. Who comes up with “National (insert food here) Months,” is beyond me, but April is National Grilled Cheese month, and I find that to be totally awesome. Read more

Vegan Grilled Cheese

It’s been a long long time since I have tasted a grilled cheese sandwich. As a vegetarian this used to be my go-to sandwich when out to lunch or dinner, usually ordering it off of a children’s menu, but not so much anymore. Read more

Grilled Cheese with Avocado & Sriracha

Let me hit you up with some knowledge: When making grilled cheese, use mayo instead of butter. Yes. You read that correctly. Mayo. Instead of. Butter. I was not the person who came up with this idea…It was the one and only Paula Dean. The Queen of Butter. She showed me the way to make grilled cheese, and I haven’t looked back since.  Read more

Vegan Truffle Cheese

I have tried all different kinds of Vegan store bought cheeses before and even made a Cashew Crema dessert, but this Vegan Truffle Cheese blew my mind. It was borderline embarrassing to see how clean the spatula and bowl were when I finished pouring the cheese into ramekins. I wouldn’t have dared wash the remnants of this delicious “cheese” down the sink. Try out this recipe and you will quickly understand what I am talking about. Read more

Snack Bar – Austin, Texas

I visited Snack Bar in 2012 during SXSW by accident – it was the only place Todd and I could find that was open late night when I arrived, delayed, into Austin. I had remembered all the Vegetarian and Vegan friendly options they offered, so I was determined to go back this year. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 5 (Yay Spring!!)

Ok, this picture is from last year, but I used it to remind me that no matter what, Spring will get here.  It might be still somewhat cold, have rain the forecast for the next 7 days, but the sun will come out, we will feel its warmth on our faces, and it will be awesome. Soon the balmy days and crisp nights will draw us out and about.  Reemerging from our houses and apartments, with anticipation about things to come (farmer’s markets, spring veggies, and having our first meal outside) and we must look our best. So, here at Fried Tofu, we are moving out of our winter standards, and in to our spring routine. Read more