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Hopdoddy Vegan Style – Austin, Texas

A friend of mine is a burger connoisseur – you know who you are (ahem…Nick). He tries many different burgers, shares his opinions about them and maintains a mental list of his top favorite burgers; Hopdoddy being the home to one of his Top Five. Our SXSW crew had never tried Hopdoddy in years past (Nick being the exception), so we were determined to get there this year.

I knew they offered a vegetarian option, but was not certain if it was Vegan. I went to the restaurant assuming that all I was going to get was a salad, but to my surprise, the Black Bean-Corn Patty is in fact Vegan. With a few tweaks to the toppings you have yourself a Vegan burger option, and a hearty one indeed.

HopdoddyI ordered the la Bandita Burger. As mentioned, the patty is made with black beans and corn and the toppings include avocado and arugula on a whole wheat bun (Veganized by removing the goat cheese, cilantro pesto and chipotle mayo). The avocado provided enough creaminess that more sauce or ketchup was not necessary. I also had them add the tomato, onion and lettuce to give my burger that traditional crunch. The burger overall is very dense when the patty is combined with the thick wheat bun, so come hungry. It had great flavor – wish I knew the spices that were used in the patty – and it truly satisfied my burger craving.

I got my hopes up for a salad initially, so I had to order one while I was there. I went for the Baby Kale Salad which included baby kale leaves, arugula, watermelon, avocado, sunflower kernels, pickled red onions and was topped with pomegranate vinaigrette (Veganized by removing the feta). I love salads, I also love avocado – this salad had the watermelon bonus that made me feel like it was summer time when I was eating it.

Baby Kale Salad - Hopdoddy

Look forward to Morgan’s upcoming post where she shares the Gluten Free burger she tried at Hopdoddy.

P.S. Sorry my food pictures are so yellow, we were eating late at night, outside, under street lamps – pretty standard dinner when we’re at South By.

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