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Snack Bar – Austin, Texas

I visited Snack Bar in 2012 during SXSW by accident – it was the only place Todd and I could find that was open late night when I arrived, delayed, into Austin. I had remembered all the Vegetarian and Vegan friendly options they offered, so I was determined to go back this year.

I had liked the ambiance of Snack Bar last year, but also enjoyed ordering a slew of small items to try – hence why they are called Snack Bar. We were able to sit outside on the Patio this year which is always nice to do in March as a Chicagoan escaping the cold weather. I was impressed by Snack Bar’s willingness to adjust for a Vegan diet; our waitress was Vegan too so she had some great recommendations for me. In their own words this is what Snack Bar does “support ORGANIC & LOCAL producers, purchase only RAISED-RIGHT meats, practice HEALTHY cooking methods, respect SPECIAL DIETS vegan & GF, serve global CHEF-DRIVEN cuisine, pour ARTISAN beer, wine, coffee & tea, host music, art, film & foodie EVENTS, welcome DOGS on our fabulous PATIO, provide FREE WI-FI & computer use, offer TAKE-OUT including beer & wine, COMPOST & RECYCLE all possible, and, invite you to LOUNGE with us in our STYLISH & RELAXED space.”

Here are some of the selections I tried:

House PicklesHouse Pickles. These are seasonal farm to table vegetables. The waitress even informed me that the chef grows these vegetables and pickles them himself…awesome. This time of year the seasonal vegetable was Carrots and Turnips. I love all things pickled.

Avocado Quinoa. This was my main course. It was chilled organic quinoa, arugula, avocado quarters, grilled pineapple and house roasted banana pepper-pineapple vinaigrette (removed the cotija cheese to make it Vegan).

Avocado Quinoa

Along with our dinner Todd and I split 2 snacks. House Fries and Brussels Sprouts. The fries were seasoned kennebec potatoes, simple and excellent. The brussels sprouts were flash fried and served with a non-vegan herb aioli. I left the aioli for Todd, these sprouts were great on their own – then again anything fried is good.

House Fries Brussels Sprouts

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