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Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 2)

For my second visit to Elizabeth Street Café I went out to lunch on the “coldest” day of the week for a hot bowl of pho. I had tried the pho (a not-so-vegan version) a year earlier and that dish alone is what made me fall in love with this restaurant.

They offer 2 kinds of Pho Chay (Vegetable Broth Pho). I went for the Mushrooms, Greens, Organic Tofu, Hot Bean Paste and Spicy Sesame Oil. Each bowl of Pho is a Flat Rice Noodle Soup served with Bean Sprouts, Garden Herbs, Jalapeño and Lime on the side. The Pho can also be customized with the following add-on’s: Mushrooms, Chinese Broccoli, Tofu or Bok Choy (for the vegetarians you can also add on a Soft Boiled Peeler Farms Egg or a Raw Peeler Farms Egg). It was suggested that I add in Bok Choy, so as always I took the recommendation for my custom bowl of Pho Chay.

Everyone in the restaurant can smell this soup coming from a mile away, the sesame oil is so pungent; I had people asking me left and right what I had ordered. This soup was very spicy, it warmed me up on the “cold” Austin day and just when I thought I would have leftovers to take back with me I ended up with an empty bowl in front of me. The other Pho Chay they offer is a less spicy version with Cauliflower, Bok Choy, White Miso and Toasted Seaweed (I just now realized this was the only other Vegan item on the menu that I didn’t get to try, bummer. Guess I’ll just HAVE to go back for a visit).

Shady Blonde - Elizabeth Street Cafe, Austin, TX

To accompany my spicy soup I went for another punch – the Shady Blonde. This felt like a good lunch / brunch drink to get as it contained a Sparkling Wine base with Lillet, Grapefruit and Thyme.

Stay-tuned for my final Elizabeth Street Cafe post where I feature the Vegan Báhn Mì on crusty French bread.

Pho Chay - Elizabeth Street Cafe, Austin, TX

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