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Mac & Cheese Face Off

WARNING – these recipes may cause binge eating! One of America’s comfort foods, Macaroni & Cheese, has been transformed into Vegan and Gluten Free versions for this weeks Fried Tofu Face Off.

First up is the Gluten Free Mac n Cheese. This recipe, courtesy of Morgan, is your somewhat standard Mac n Cheese with just with a couple GF substitutions. Specifically Cup4Cup Flour is used to make the rue and Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta is used, well, in place of the pasta. What an awesome way to enjoy a Gluten Free treat!

The Vegan version utilizes my Truffled Cheese recipe from a few weeks ago with some extras thrown in such as cayenne pepper and Dijon mustard. Don’t fret, if you don’t have some homemade Vegan cheese on hand you make this dish with your favorite Vegan melting cheese, I recommend Teese Creamy Cheddar Cheese sauce.

We are both recovering from Mac & Cheese hangovers right now…yup, they are THAT good.

Gluten Free Mac n Cheese Vegan Mac & Cheese
Gluten Free Mac n Cheese Vegan Mac & Cheese
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