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Meatloaf Face Off – Made just for you, Mom

She taught us kitchen basics, how to (and not to) put on makeup, and pretty much every thing else that matters in life. She is our mom. And lucky for Susan and I, we each have two. Susan’s mom made me pancakes and bacon on Saturday mornings while forts were made and cartoons were watched. She always had amazing cookies, pies and muffins in the oven, which I had no will power to refuse. My mom (and dad), took us on vacations and was always there to pick up unnecessary, but totally necessary, items from William Sonoma and surprise Susan and I with the kitchen gadgets and goodies. She also made us delicious meals and our first ever margaritas.

I know, it’s not dainty, pretty, or even sounds like it would be good (meat in a loaf form?)…but let me explain. Both of us have memories of sitting down to the table and chowing down on your standard American comfort food. My memory of this infamous dish involves a turkey meatloaf that was my first introduction to meatloaf, ever. When my mom made it I was instantly hooked by the ketchup sauce; it was one of my favorite meals in the dinner “rotation.” Susan’s memory of this dish involves a more traditional style with all the goodness that is meatloaf – beef & pork. For this Face Off she wanted to recreate a Vegan version that paid homage to her original family recipe. All the spices and flavors are present, just not the meat.

Each recipes brings back the memories of sitting in the kitchen, discussing the days events, and putting off homework. To a time where things seemed way more complicated than they actually were. Our mom’s put up with us at our worst and were there for us at our best, and still are to this day. So to thank you, both of you, for being so awesome, we made meatloaf.

Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf Vegan Meatloaf
Mom's Turkey Meatloaf Vegan Meatloaf
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