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Barbecue Sauce Face Off

To honor the beginning of grilling season we felt it would be appropriate to try our hand at homemade barbecue sauce to use in our Memorial Day recipes. Both recipes in this Face Off are flavorful in their own unique ways and easy to make. Skip the jars of sauce this year and give homemade barbecue sauce a try, it’s easy.

My Vegan version of barbecue sauce begins with a base of ketchup and apple cider vinegar, is sweetened with brown sugar and is followed by a flavor explosion of spices. I like spicy, so I did a combination of peppers including a full teaspoon of cayenne! I definitely wanted to create a more tangy and robust barbecue sauce, as opposed to sweet, so I went for some Vegan worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke in an effort to create something that would really flavor up my tofu or tempeh.

Morgan’s not-so-vegan version calls for similar base ingredients, ketchup and apple cider vinegar, but is sweetened up a tad with local Midwest honey. The over arching flavor that comes through in the end is mildly sweet, yet spicy with a kick of a cumin surprise. Her version would be perfect for chicken or just as dipping sauce.

I’ll be marinating some tofu over the next few days using my tangy and robust Vegan barbecue sauce, while Morgan will be marinating chicken to accompany her cumin surprise barbecue sauce. The real test for our sauces will come this weekend when we fire up the grill and try out our choice of protein smothered in sauce. ‘Till then, whip up a batch of sauce and get marinating for the coming weekend and inevitable grilling you’ll be doing.

Spicy Honey Barbecue Sauce Vegan Barbecue Sauce
Spicy Honey Barbecue Sauce Vegan BBQ Sauce
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