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Friday Top Five: Volume 9 – NYC Food

I’ve been doing a lot of work travel to New York City lately which means I’ve been trying plenty of NYC Vegan food and loosening my belt a few notches. I decided, while Morgan is away on a weekend trip down in St. Louis, that I would hijack this week’s Friday Top Five and bring you my favorite Vegan foods found in The Big Apple. Happy Friday!

  1. Maoz. Vegetarian “fast food” found all around New York. A friend of mine, Sarah, raved about this place and when I was looking for a quick dinner the other night I decided to give it a shot. I have to admit that it was the best falafel I have ever had. Usually falafel’s are too dry for me, but this one was moist, yet crunchy and the all-you-can-eat bar of salad toppers, sandwich fillers and sauces was unlike any salad bar I’ve been to. Sarah was right-on when she said the falafel’s are just a jumping off point for the salad bar goodness. If you dine in you can help yourself to as much as you’d like. I tried pickled baby eggplant here for the first time, not to mention they have Vegan Rice Pudding. Follow Maoz on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook, or if you find yourself in NYC, eat there.
  2. Maoz NYC - Falafel SaladSmorgasburg. A food flea market in Brooklyn during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. On our Fall trip to New York last year Todd and I were told to try this as there are many Vegan and non-Vegan options to make us both happy. I tried a Beet Slider from Chickpea & Olive and a Masala Dosa from Uttapam & Co. So many other Vegan options to try, we must go back!
  3. Pure Food and Wine. A must try raw restaurant in NYC and part of the One Lucky Duck restaurant group. When I was in town a few weeks ago my friend Sarah-Mai from Eat Pure Blog was excited to go to dinner with me here, but she fell ill and unfortunately could not make it. So what did I do? Changed the reservation to “Single Rider” and off I went. I tried the Philly Roll made with cashew cheese, the zucchini lasagna with healthy portions of cashew ricotta and finished the night with an original sundae. I am still confused how all of this food was raw, it was amazing! Follow Pure Food and Wine on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook.
  4. NYC Bagel with TofuttiAbsolute Bagels. Near-by Sarah-Mai’s condo is this bagel shop. Small, simple, yet very popular. Line was out the door, but now I know why. The bagels were true, chewy, New York bagels and where else can a Vegan get a selection of 8 (!!!) Vegan cream cheeses? Plain, Herbs, Olive And Garlic, Vegetable, Scallion, Olive And Pimentos, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Walnut Raisin…so so good. Chicago needs to start offering Tofutti as an option so I can stop carrying a container of it in my purse when I go out for breakfast :)
  5. Red Bamboo. Located in Greenwich Village, great Vegan food that I would describe as a mix between Soul Food & Chinese Food (Todd’s favorites). Sarah-Mai & Heath took us here when we were in town last year. The one dish that we fell in love with was the Barbecue Buffalo Wings. It was like we were eating real wings with a snap on the outside and great textured protein on the inside. Amazing. Need to re-visit this place…soon, very soon.

“New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down.” — LCD Soundsystem

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