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Cocktail Face Off

It’s officially summer – the weather in Chicago may not be “perfect” yet, but the street fests have begun and the Sunday-Funday drinking is in full effect. For this week’s Face Off I challenged Morgan to make a great summer-inspired Cocktail (I’m shocked we haven’t done this yet). If you are looking for some good tasting summer-time drinks that are easy to whip up we came up with 2 options for you… Read more

Watermelon Fresca

I was having lunch at Native Foods the other day and decided to switch up my normal routine (watch out, Susan’s getting crazy!!!). Instead of getting my favorite Lavender Lemonade I went for the Watermelon Fresca drink. It was beyond delicious and refreshing on a hot, humid day and it was not overly sweet as I had expected. Although the lemonade is still my favorite, the Watermelon Fresca is a great option with way less calories and sugar. For this Face Off I decided to recreate the Watermelon Fresca and booze it up a bit. If you didn’t know…watermelon is back in season, oh yeah, and it’s finally warm in Chicago, so give this refreshing drink a try this weekend.

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Mint Pineapple Hi

Once upon a time, at a sushi restaurant that is no longer around, Susan and I went for dinner on a Saturday night. Being that the said-sushi place was rather popular, and occupied a very small space, we had about a 45 minute wait for a table. And what does one do in these situations? Well, one orders a drink. And the drink of choice was a wonderful martini, a Pineapple Hi. There was lots of vodka and very little pineapple juice is this particular cocktail, and after downing two while we waiting, I have very little recollection of our dinner. Though, I sure remembered the cocktail, which is why I decided to tweak it a bit for our first cocktail Face Off! Read more

Friday Top Five – Volume 10: Morgan’s Favorite Food Blogs

Having a rather large list if blogs I follow on a regular basis, I thought today’s top five would be just that: A list of my favorite food blogs. One has a bit if an edge, another demystifies going gluten free, but they all have amazing recipes and are at the top of their food blog game. I’m totally jealous of each of them, to say the least. Read more

Kale & Egg Tacos

Getting more dark, leafy greens into my diet always seems to be a concern. Kale is so good for you, but sometimes is so not fun to eat. Disguising it by making kale chips, or smothering it in avocado are all fine and good, but my favorite way is to make scrambled eggs with a healthy serving of kale, which happen to be delicious when wrapped in warm corn tortillas. Read more

Asparagus Face Off

Things have been a bit hectic at FTB lately. Lots of traveling, work, holiday weekends, training for triathlons… and all of these things seemed to have clouded our minds, because we realized Sunday night at 10:46pm that we had nothing scheduled for our Face Off this week. A bit stumped on what to do, we needed something quick and easy since we are both slammed at work, and Susan was heading out to NYC on Wednesday. So instead of facing off on an actual recipe, it was decided we would use a seasonal vegetable and prepare however we wanted. Read more

Roasted Asparagus with 6 Minute Eggs

From time to time, I need something simple. Simple to make, simple flavors, and simple to clean up. Usually this means a bowl of cereal or granola instead of a salad or sandwich for lunch, or heating up an Amy’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese for dinner. But simple doesn’t have to be tossed in the microwave or come from a box. It can be as easy as turning on the oven, putting water in a pot, and waiting. Read more

Asparagus with Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

The farmers markets in our area have just started back up and the star of the show is asparagus. Being a spring vegetable there is plenty to go around right now, so buy it up and get creative with your asparagus recipes. Read more

Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 3)

Hands down Elizabeth Street Café is my favorite restaurant in Austin, Texas. I visited them on 4 separate occasions during my 9 day vacation in March and I cannot wait to go back in 2014 during our annual SXSW trip. If you find yourself in Austin, make your way to Elizabeth Street Café – lots of Vegan options, even more non-Vegan options that Morgan vouches are “just as mouthwatering.” Read more