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Gazpacho Face Off

We are currently experiencing a heatwave in Chicago, running outside has been quite a challenge, we’ve been drinking way more water than usual and our appetites have decreased…but who are we kidding, we’re still hungry! That is why this week we have decided to face off a cool summer recipe – Gazpacho – in layman’s terms, cold soup.

Morgan created a traditional tomato based gazpacho thickening it up with some creamy avocado. I tried my hand at a white gazpacho using cauliflower and almonds. Both recipes call for simple ingredients and quick prep time. Enjoy and stay cool friends!

            Spicy Tomato & Avocado Gazpacho                            Cauliflower Gazpacho
Spicy Tomato & Avocado Gazpacho  CauliflowerGazpacho 
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  1. I think your aunt is ready for a gazpacho face-off. She’s making gazpacho for our next community dinner…or maybe she’ll just still your recipe

    July 20, 2013
  2. Shivani #

    Thanks for the recipe! Made the tomato avocado gazpacho yesterday. Had all the ingredients and good way to get rid of my tomatoes that were about to go bad! Simple, refreshing and love the creaminess from the avocado!

    July 19, 2013
    • Morgan #

      Wohoo! Glad you liked it!

      July 19, 2013

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