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Friday Top Five – Volume 12: Food Apps

My phone is rarely far from my grasp. Everything from the book I am reading, to the food I am eating, to where I am eating it, exists on my phone. I even have a folder dedicated to “Food,” which is filled to capacity with apps. Calorie trackers, recipe finders, grocery list makers, you name, we’ve got it. Here are a list of just a few of our favorites. Happy Friday everyone!

GrubHub. Founded right here in Chicago, this is my go-to app for late night food delivery…or when I just don’t feel like getting off the couch. They’ve done all the research for you and they make it easy to filter your options by pick-up / delivery or by your particular food craving, mine typically being burritos.

Urbanspoon. Todd and I usually hit up the same restaurants over and over again. Urbanspoon has forced us to change our routine. Shake up the Urbanspoon app, let it randomly choose a restaurant based on your criteria (location, type of food or dollar amount) and be on your way to a different restaurant each week (or each night!). You can even filter by Vegetarian only restaurants, bonus!

MyFitnessPal. Keeping track of your calories can be a task for sure, but the MyFitnessPal makes it super easy and kind of fun. The ability to look up most foods on the go is the only way I am going to keep up with my calorie intake and reach my goals.

Whole Foods Recipes. One of the best places to find inspiration or a new recipe, the Whole Food Recipe app is always open on my phone. Search by meal type, ingredient, or dietary needs, you will find a plethora of recipes to try.

Evernote Food. A great way to capture food when you are out and about with the ability of tagging places and key words. Can integrate with your other Evernote apps, track your favorite restaurants and recipes.

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