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Pancakes Face Off

Pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes…whatever you call them I consider this dish to be the All American Breakfast item. Just about every country around the world has their own version of a pancake, some thin like crepes, some savory and covered in gravy, some stuffed with fruit or jam; but these starchy treats in America are typically sweet, served for breakfast, fluff up like a pillow and are covered in butter and maple syrup. For this weeks Face Off we brought to the ring 2 great recipes – one as always is Vegan and free of animals, the other Gluten Free and free of grains.

Morgan went way adventurous with her recipe using no grains at all to bring you some Banana Walnut Pancakes. Her grain free pancakes start with a base of coconut flour and are flavored up with cinnamon, walnuts, bananas and syrup. They are dense, filling and a unique twist on the flour based pancake. I guess you wouldn’t consider these to be starchy, would you?

When I went to create my Vegan version of a pancake I actually thought I was going to need egg replacer because my entire life I have been making pancakes with store bought mix, milk and eggs. Who knew that the eggs were not necessary in pancake batter? Not I. My version of pancakes calls for all of the basic dry ingredients with a little twist on the wet ingredients; using almond extract and almond paste to give my pancakes a more grown up taste (rhyme was intentional).

Banana Walnut Pancakes Vegan Almond Pancakes
pancakes4 Almond Pancakes
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