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Pasta Sauce Face Off

Whether its for a quick meal, an outstanding main dish for a dinner party, or to make one of our all time favorite comfort foods, you can always count on is a box of pasta. With the recent influx of gluten free choices, the pasta aisle has gotten significantly larger. Semolina, brown rice, quinoa, corn, wheat, are just a few I could think off the top of my head, and those added to the types of pasta you can choose from… oof… I often just buy whatever gluten free pasta is on sale, and stock up on a few at a time, till the next sale, of course.

Pasta in hand, now we come to the real question… What are you going to put of top of it? So many options: sauce from a jar, butter, sauce made from scratch, oil, cheese, veggies, chili, a fried egg (a great way to spruce up leftovers), or whatever you may find lurking in your kitchen. We have been taking a break from the standard red sauce, and started experimenting with oil based sauces. The two we have this week are the same, but yet so different. One is a garlicly-lemony concoction complete with capers and a few sprigs of parsley, the other is a vegan take on a sauce with sausages, beans and herbs (two guesses on who made what). And right about now you might be wondering why the heck we called this face off a ‘pasta sauce’ face off… don’t worry, we are too…

                    Oil & Herbs Pasta Sauce                 Garlic & Lemon Pasta Sauce
Oil & Herbs Pasta Sauce psauce3
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