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Grits Face Off

We’re on vacation in South Carolina, food famous for fried green tomatoes, boiled peanuts, pimento cheese, she-crab soup, okra and of course shrimp and grits. This week in honor of our girls vacation with our mom’s and an ode to South Carolina we are Facing Off 2 types of grits – Mushroom for the Vegans and Shrimp for the rest of y’all.

Morgan whipped up a South Carolina classic – Shrimp and Grits – complete with lots o butter, parmesan cheese and spicy shrimp. I created a Vegan version with a mixture of mushrooms and vegan creaminess. Both pack some great flavor and come together in about an hour.

It’s always fun (and interesting) having a girls weekend with our mom’s, but we were happy to cook and feed them for a change. Here’s to you South Carolina and our mom’s.

                         Shrimp and Grits
                         Mushroom Grits
Shrimp and Grits Mushroom Grits
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