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Potato Leek Soup Face Off

We’re hitting record lows in Chicago (and across the US), so what better way to warm up than a hot bowl of soup? I find myself making soup on a regular basis this time of year, and Potato Leek is one of my go-to soups; it is an easy to follow recipe, it comes together quickly and I usually have all ingredients on hand (with the exception of the leeks).

Leeks can be an intimidating looking vegetable, but once you learn how to clean and chop them they are simple and very versatile. The white stalk of the leek is the edible part that tastes like a very mild onion, one you could even eat raw. They can be sautéed and added to your dishes in place of onion, they can be fried or roasted and used as a crispy topper, but are traditionally found in soups and stews.

This week’s Face Off we bring you 2 kinds of Potato Leek Soup – Vegan vs. Not-So-Vegan. My vegan version packs a spicy punch, is full of great flavor brought out by red wine and the texture is velvety smooth from almond milk and pureed potatoes. Morgan’s Not-So-Vegan version calls for very few ingredients (so even easier to make than mine!), but full of smoky paprika flavor and a crunchy bacon topping, yum! Stay warm friends!

                        Potato Leek Soup                         Vegan Potato Leek Soup
potatosoup7 Potato Leek Soup
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