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Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 3)

Hands down Elizabeth Street Café is my favorite restaurant in Austin, Texas. I visited them on 4 separate occasions during my 9 day vacation in March and I cannot wait to go back in 2014 during our annual SXSW trip. If you find yourself in Austin, make your way to Elizabeth Street Café – lots of Vegan options, even more non-Vegan options that Morgan vouches are “just as mouthwatering.” Read more

Bha! Bha! A Persian Bistro

Persian? Yes, Persian. Not Peruvian? No, Persian. Ok, I’m down with that, when are we going?

This is pretty much how the conversation went with my mother when we talked about our dinner plans for my trip to visit them over this past Easter weekend. Turns out, Persian food, or Iranian food, is a fantastic mash-up of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisean. Finding familiar things on the menu like kebabs, stews, fresh salads, and lots of feta cheese, which always makes me happy, I was very excited to sit down and contemplate my order. Read more

Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 2)

For my second visit to Elizabeth Street Café I went out to lunch on the “coldest” day of the week for a hot bowl of pho. I had tried the pho (a not-so-vegan version) a year earlier and that dish alone is what made me fall in love with this restaurant. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 6 – Logan Square, we got nothing but love for ya

Our little neighborhood got some mad props this week from the Time Out Chicago’s Eat Out Awards. Four of our local hot spots were winners in their respective categories and made us Logan Squarists very proud of our hood. We have some of our own favorites that we’d like to share with you…right now…here is our Friday Top Five: Read more

Elizabeth Street Café – Austin, Texas (Round 1)

It would be an understatement to say that I like Elizabeth Street Café. This little gem was discovered in 2012 when Todd and I were yet again riding around Austin on our Bikes trying to find a place to have dinner. This small café was halfway between our house and the SoCo area. We had ridden by it may times and thought it was just that, a café, coffee and bakery…boy were we wrong. Read more

24 Diner – Austin, Texas

I had 2 great Vegan burgers while in Austin, the most unique one was from 24 Diner. Read more

Snack Bar – Austin, Texas

I visited Snack Bar in 2012 during SXSW by accident – it was the only place Todd and I could find that was open late night when I arrived, delayed, into Austin. I had remembered all the Vegetarian and Vegan friendly options they offered, so I was determined to go back this year. Read more

Hopdoddy Vegan Style – Austin, Texas

A friend of mine is a burger connoisseur – you know who you are (ahem…Nick). He tries many different burgers, shares his opinions about them and maintains a mental list of his top favorite burgers; Hopdoddy being the home to one of his Top Five. Our SXSW crew had never tried Hopdoddy in years past (Nick being the exception), so we were determined to get there this year. Read more

SouthBites Food Truck Court – Austin, Texas

The SouthBites Food Truck Court popped up in an empty lot at the corner of Rainey and Driskill Streets in Austin, Texas for SXSW only. The perimeter of this court was all food trucks curated by Austin Star Chef and owner of Austin’s East Side King trailers, Paul Qui. In the middle of the trucks were tents where you could escape the sun as well as a full bar to ensure you could keep your buzz going throughout your day at SXSW. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 4 – Austin Edition

We just returned from our annual trip to Austin, Texas for South By Southwest. Our purpose of this trip is the music festival, however a huge bonus of being in Austin is the amazing food, people, weather and places to go. We wanted to dedicate this Friday’s Top Five to Austin and SXSW. There are so many great things about this city, it was hard for us to keep it to 5… so we didn’t.

Read more


I’ve been to Yusho both as a Vegan and when I was eating Pecetarian. My husband, who eats in both worlds, always chooses to be an omnivore for his meals at Yusho. He usually leaves the restaurant saying that his “favorite dish he’s ever had” came from Yusho. On this particular visit to Yusho I let the staff know ahead of time that I was Vegan so the kitchen was prepared, however their menu already includes many vegetarian dishes that can be made Vegan if you just ask. Read more


One of my latest obsessions – brothy soups. Well, to be honest, my husband and I are always obsessed with trying new Ramen’s, me especially when I can find a Vegan one. No I am not referring to the packets of instant soup you used to eat in College, but restaurant style authentic Japanese Ramen – large, piping hot bowls of noodle soup with salty, spicy broths. There are quite a few of these Ramen exclusive restaurants around Chicago, Oiistar being one of the newest. Read more

Big Shoulders Coffee

Dear Big Shoulders – Keep doing what you are doing. – Love Fried Tofu

I consider myself an occasional coffee drinker and I never imagined I would become obsessed with one kind of coffee, however, Big Shoulders has changed me. Morgan had heard good things about Big Shoulders Coffee (BSC) and it was only a matter of time before we would walk across the street from our Pilates studio to give it a try. Needless to say, we are now hooked. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 1

Here at Fried Tofu we think Fridays are definitely the best day of week. And to celebrate this fact, we will start sharing our top five current obsessions every other Friday. These can include newly discovered food blogs (or other sweet websites), products we can’t stop using, food we can’t stop eating, books we can’t stop reading and TV shows or movies we can’t stop watching. Read more

Victory’s Banner

One weekend our friend Shivani asked us to join her for brunch at a vegetarian restaurant she had tried recently – Victory’s Banner. Located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago (my old stomping grounds) at the corner of Roscoe & Hoyne, Victory’s Banner has been serving up vegetarian brunch and lunch for over 10 years. Read more