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Friday Top Five: Volume 6 – Logan Square, we got nothing but love for ya

Our little neighborhood got some mad props this week from the Time Out Chicago’s Eat Out Awards. Four of our local hot spots were winners in their respective categories and made us Logan Squarists very proud of our hood. We have some of our own favorites that we’d like to share with you…right now…here is our Friday Top Five: Read more


I’ve been to Yusho both as a Vegan and when I was eating Pecetarian. My husband, who eats in both worlds, always chooses to be an omnivore for his meals at Yusho. He usually leaves the restaurant saying that his “favorite dish he’s ever had” came from Yusho. On this particular visit to Yusho I let the staff know ahead of time that I was Vegan so the kitchen was prepared, however their menu already includes many vegetarian dishes that can be made Vegan if you just ask. Read more


One of my latest obsessions – brothy soups. Well, to be honest, my husband and I are always obsessed with trying new Ramen’s, me especially when I can find a Vegan one. No I am not referring to the packets of instant soup you used to eat in College, but restaurant style authentic Japanese Ramen – large, piping hot bowls of noodle soup with salty, spicy broths. There are quite a few of these Ramen exclusive restaurants around Chicago, Oiistar being one of the newest. Read more

Big Shoulders Coffee

Dear Big Shoulders – Keep doing what you are doing. – Love Fried Tofu

I consider myself an occasional coffee drinker and I never imagined I would become obsessed with one kind of coffee, however, Big Shoulders has changed me. Morgan had heard good things about Big Shoulders Coffee (BSC) and it was only a matter of time before we would walk across the street from our Pilates studio to give it a try. Needless to say, we are now hooked. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 1

Here at Fried Tofu we think Fridays are definitely the best day of week. And to celebrate this fact, we will start sharing our top five current obsessions every other Friday. These can include newly discovered food blogs (or other sweet websites), products we can’t stop using, food we can’t stop eating, books we can’t stop reading and TV shows or movies we can’t stop watching. Read more

Victory’s Banner

One weekend our friend Shivani asked us to join her for brunch at a vegetarian restaurant she had tried recently – Victory’s Banner. Located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago (my old stomping grounds) at the corner of Roscoe & Hoyne, Victory’s Banner has been serving up vegetarian brunch and lunch for over 10 years. Read more

Oasis Cafe

With my last week of working in the loop looming, I knew I had to get my fill of my favorite lunch spots, and Oasis was at the top of my list. Located in the back of a jewelry store on Wabash and Washington (yes, a jewelry store), it’s really easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. Read more

Protein Bar

Protein Bar is one of the fastest growing local restaurant chains in Chicago. Started by Matt Matros back in 2009, he came up with the concept after leaving the corporate world and losing a significant amount of weight by subscribing to a high protein diet. With expansion planned for more cities in the US, Protein Bar is looking to be on the up and up.

Read more


There was one day (yes only one) where the stars aligned and I was able to take a long lunch. So, Morgan and I headed out to Water Tower Place to try Foodease, a gourmet food market. The big draw for us was the beautiful looking salad bar, although they offer much more than that. Read more

Owen & Engine – Vegan Style

We visited Owen & Engine for brunch recently, a British-inspired gastro-pub. In their own words, “Owen & Engine is based on a simple idea of offering rustic British-inspired comfort food with real ales and a carefully crafted beverage program. Trends are unimportant; quality is key.” Read more

BOT Bakery

Morgan and I ventured out to the Logan Square Farmers Market this past Sunday. We always seem to stumble upon something new at the Farmers Market and this time it was a Bakery… BOT Bakery to be exact. This is an Organic, Vegan AND Gluten-Free bakery in Chicago – we were in heaven. Read more


My mother-in-law has wanted me to try Chowpatti, a Vegetarian restaurant in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for a long long time now.  We finally were able to plan a lunch date, in honor of my Birthday, and she was kind enough to treat me, Morgan and my sister-in-law Susie to lunch (Thanks Dianne!). Read more