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Kale Caesar Salad

I have a very big spot in my heart for Caesar Salad. As a youngster, Parmesan cheese was a staple on our dinner table. I put  it on everything. Pasta, green beans, eggs, broccoli, whatever it was, it probably had Parm on it. So when I discovered there was a salad in which the dressing was uber rich and creamy, and then was covered in my favorite cheese, my mind was blown. This was it for me. I loved it. Thinking that since I was eating a salad, it was healthy. Wrong. But, there are ways to make even our favorite not-so-light-in-calories meals into a healthier and satisfying dish.

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Vegan Caesar Salad

At a young age I found myself ordering entree salads for my meals when we were eating out – no, I wasn’t trying to be more adult, nor was I trying to be “healthy,” I just really liked Caesar Salad. What 10 year old wouldn’t? Alright, maybe I was a “unique” child, but it is the truth that once Caesar Salad was introduced to me I ordered it everywhere I went. And over the years I matured from enjoying the Caesar Salad at Chili’s to having it prepared table side (raw egg and all). Read more

Vegan Ceviche

First Gazpacho and now Ceviche…sticking with the cold summer dishes theme I thought now would be a good time to post my Vegan Ceviche recipe. This cool, crisp salad is great served up with tortilla chips or my personal favorite, on top of a bed of lettuce. Read more

Cauliflower Gazpacho

I’m always trying to think of ways to minimize my food waste and I never realized that stale bread was a staple of gazpacho, did you? Now I know what I am going to do with all the stale bread and leftover vegetables in my house. Read more

Spicy Tomato & Avocado Gazpacho

Whelp. I was enjoying my summer, but this week, I am not. Sitting directly next to my AC and gulping down insane amounts of lemon water, has gotten a bit old. My fruit consumption has gone up by about 245% and I don’t want to be anywhere near my kitchen, unless it’s to stand in front of my fridge with the doors open until the ‘door open alarm’ starts to go off. Cooking anything seems like an epicly hot chore, so when I can make a meal in under 10 minutes and there is no heat required, I’m all in.

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Kale & Egg Tacos

Getting more dark, leafy greens into my diet always seems to be a concern. Kale is so good for you, but sometimes is so not fun to eat. Disguising it by making kale chips, or smothering it in avocado are all fine and good, but my favorite way is to make scrambled eggs with a healthy serving of kale, which happen to be delicious when wrapped in warm corn tortillas. Read more

Asparagus Face Off

Things have been a bit hectic at FTB lately. Lots of traveling, work, holiday weekends, training for triathlons… and all of these things seemed to have clouded our minds, because we realized Sunday night at 10:46pm that we had nothing scheduled for our Face Off this week. A bit stumped on what to do, we needed something quick and easy since we are both slammed at work, and Susan was heading out to NYC on Wednesday. So instead of facing off on an actual recipe, it was decided we would use a seasonal vegetable and prepare however we wanted. Read more

Roasted Asparagus with 6 Minute Eggs

From time to time, I need something simple. Simple to make, simple flavors, and simple to clean up. Usually this means a bowl of cereal or granola instead of a salad or sandwich for lunch, or heating up an Amy’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese for dinner. But simple doesn’t have to be tossed in the microwave or come from a box. It can be as easy as turning on the oven, putting water in a pot, and waiting. Read more

Asparagus with Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

The farmers markets in our area have just started back up and the star of the show is asparagus. Being a spring vegetable there is plenty to go around right now, so buy it up and get creative with your asparagus recipes. Read more

Vegan Barbecue Sauce

Time for summer and the grill…finally. Although the weather for our Memorial Day weekend is predicted to be cooler than average, it’s going to be dry which means we’ll get in plenty of outdoor time and will likely be firing up the grill more than once. Good thing I have plenty of BBQ sauce to go around. Read more

Spicy Honey Barbecue Sauce

Memorial Day kicks off our official grilling season. This means lots of beer and wine drinking, late nights spent on decks and roof tops, and of course eating lots of delicious summer inspired dishes. Here is Chicago, our Memorial Day is shaping up to be sunny and in the mid 60’s. Perfect for outdoor cooking, spending time with friends and family, and making the most of the long weekend. Read more

Vegan Meatloaf

Meatloaf & Ketchup, so unappetizing sounding, doesn’t look that great, but it sure reminds me of my mom and our homemade dinners. My mother used to whip up one excellent meatloaf for the family – minimal ingredients, yet all the flavor you needed. Smother it with ketchup, serve it up with a starch and a veggie and dinner was on. Read more

Mom’s Turkey Meatloaf

While everyone else is making pretty flower arrangements and brunch items to honor their moms, we are making meatloaf. It seemed like the right thing to do. Both of us  have fond recollections of eating this from our childhood, and wanted to do something in honor of Mother’s Day…so, here we are, talking about meatloaf. Read more

Bha! Bha! A Persian Bistro

Persian? Yes, Persian. Not Peruvian? No, Persian. Ok, I’m down with that, when are we going?

This is pretty much how the conversation went with my mother when we talked about our dinner plans for my trip to visit them over this past Easter weekend. Turns out, Persian food, or Iranian food, is a fantastic mash-up of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisean. Finding familiar things on the menu like kebabs, stews, fresh salads, and lots of feta cheese, which always makes me happy, I was very excited to sit down and contemplate my order. Read more

Vegan Mac & Cheese

My Truffle Cheese recipe from a few weeks ago makes for a great Vegan Grilled Cheese sandwich and funny enough it also makes for some amazing Vegan Mac & Cheese. Read more