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Posts from the ‘DIY’ Category

Steamed Artichokes with Lemony Butter Sauce

Guess what?! Artichokes are in season! They are everywhere. In all my recipe newsletters, on blogs, on TV. Everywhere! And despite looking utterly confusing, it is pretty simple to turn them in to a perfect appetizer for a party or an evening in with a bottle of wine.

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Almond Paste

While researching recipes for tomorrow’s Face Off I was inspired by a recipe that called for Almond Paste. I had never heard of it but soon found out, like blanched almonds, almond paste was expensive and usually not Vegan. So I did what I do best; I Veganized it and made it myself. Read more

Blanched Almonds

Blanched Almonds are just regular almonds without their “skins.” Most of you probably know that blanching means to cook briefly, then shock with cold water to halt the cooking process. When it comes to nuts blanching them allows the skin of the nut to loosen up making it easily removed. So when your recipe calls for blanched almonds remember there is actually nothing special about this type of white almond other than they are naked. Read more

Cruelty Free Easter Baskets

If you know me well it should not be a surprise that I have had my Easter Baskets ready to go for weeks now. This year I decided to make it a cruelty free Easter and I created small compassionate gift baskets for my family and friends. I enjoy showing everyone that it really is easy and affordable to live a Vegan and cruelty free life, even when it comes to candy. Here’s what I came up with this year. Read more