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Progress, Not Perfection

I saw this quote on a blog I follow called Peaceful Daily. It spurred me to look up Kathy Freston and her book, The Lean, which is now in the mail and on its way to me. The book teaches you how to make  and commit to small diet and lifestyle changes which will yield significant results over time. It’s not just about being Vegan, but being conscious about your health and the food you put into your body. I hope it inspires you to consider checking out the book and adapting conscious eating habits too. Happy Friday!

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Blanched Almonds

Blanched Almonds are just regular almonds without their “skins.” Most of you probably know that blanching means to cook briefly, then shock with cold water to halt the cooking process. When it comes to nuts blanching them allows the skin of the nut to loosen up making it easily removed. So when your recipe calls for blanched almonds remember there is actually nothing special about this type of white almond other than they are naked. Read more

Friday Top Five – Volume 12: Food Apps

My phone is rarely far from my grasp. Everything from the book I am reading, to the food I am eating, to where I am eating it, exists on my phone. I even have a folder dedicated to “Food,” which is filled to capacity with apps. Calorie trackers, recipe finders, grocery list makers, you name, we’ve got it. Here are a list of just a few of our favorites. Happy Friday everyone!

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Friday Top Five – Volume 11: Kitchen Gadgets

We love to eat food, and by evidence of this blog we love to make food too. We couldn’t make all these wonderful creations without our trusty kitchen tools and gizmos. Today for our Friday Top Five we bring to you our Top Five favorite kitchen gadgets. Happy Friday! Read more

Friday Top Five – Volume 10: Morgan’s Favorite Food Blogs

Having a rather large list if blogs I follow on a regular basis, I thought today’s top five would be just that: A list of my favorite food blogs. One has a bit if an edge, another demystifies going gluten free, but they all have amazing recipes and are at the top of their food blog game. I’m totally jealous of each of them, to say the least. Read more

Memorial Day 2013 – Recipes to inspire your BBQ Menu

Where did May go? Memorial Day weekend will be here in just 3 short days; now is the time to start planning for that inevitable BBQ that you will attend or host. Whether you are taking a dish to share at a friends or hosting a small gathering at home , here are some of our past recipes to inspire your BBQ menu. Happy Memorial Day! Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 5 (Yay Spring!!)

Ok, this picture is from last year, but I used it to remind me that no matter what, Spring will get here.  It might be still somewhat cold, have rain the forecast for the next 7 days, but the sun will come out, we will feel its warmth on our faces, and it will be awesome. Soon the balmy days and crisp nights will draw us out and about.  Reemerging from our houses and apartments, with anticipation about things to come (farmer’s markets, spring veggies, and having our first meal outside) and we must look our best. So, here at Fried Tofu, we are moving out of our winter standards, and in to our spring routine. Read more

Cruelty Free Easter Baskets

If you know me well it should not be a surprise that I have had my Easter Baskets ready to go for weeks now. This year I decided to make it a cruelty free Easter and I created small compassionate gift baskets for my family and friends. I enjoy showing everyone that it really is easy and affordable to live a Vegan and cruelty free life, even when it comes to candy. Here’s what I came up with this year. Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 2

It’s Friday! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with our favorite things…or the things we are currently obsessed with. Here’s our top 5 for this Friday… Read more

Friday Top Five: Volume 1

Here at Fried Tofu we think Fridays are definitely the best day of week. And to celebrate this fact, we will start sharing our top five current obsessions every other Friday. These can include newly discovered food blogs (or other sweet websites), products we can’t stop using, food we can’t stop eating, books we can’t stop reading and TV shows or movies we can’t stop watching. Read more

Happy 2013 from Fried Tofu!

Happy New Year – we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Here at Fried Tofu we took some time off during the holidays, however we are back in action and looking forward to sharing more recipes, more restaurant reviews and more awesome food Face Off’s in 2013! Read more

Picture Diary: California Thanksgiving

We are back from California and what a whirl-wind of a trip it was.  My whole family hasn’t been together for over 3 years and we decided to meet at my parents place in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving this year.  11 people from all corners of the US – Chicago, Orlando and Austin – sharing one house in the LA suburbs… Read more

Picture Diary: A Few Days in Naples

I’ve been in Naples, Florida for a few days now, and have been taking pictures non-stop. Since this is a food blog, most are capturing the insane amount of seafood I’ve consumed, but others are from my travels and of course, my pup. You will see a few reemerge in future posts, which I will be working on during food comas and football… Read more

Adopt a Turkey this Thanksgiving

I adopted a Turkey this year for Thanksgiving and Payton was my Turkey friend of choice. Farm Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue organization and every year they do an Adopt a Turkey program that encourages people to save a Turkey at Thanksgiving time through sponsorship. Read more

Happy Halloween from Fried Tofu!

Well it’s Halloween and officially the end of Vegan MoFo (sigh). It’s been a tiring month – we launched the blog in late September and I went right into posting every weekday for all of October, determined to post everyday for Vegan Month of Food. Quite the introduction to blogging that was! Read more