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Inca’s Kitchen

An unassuming restaurant, in an unassuming strip-mall  on an unassuming highway in Florida. This describes the exact location to one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in the past few years. Always a must when visiting my parents in Naples, Inca’s Kitchen is a Peruvian restaurant serving up fresh seafood and tasty sangria. And at the moment, Florida would be a welcome change from the zero degree weather we are experiencing here in Chicago. Read more

Picture Diary: A Few Days in Naples

I’ve been in Naples, Florida for a few days now, and have been taking pictures non-stop. Since this is a food blog, most are capturing the insane amount of seafood I’ve consumed, but others are from my travels and of course, my pup. You will see a few reemerge in future posts, which I will be working on during food comas and football… Read more