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Posts tagged ‘avocado’

Corn & Bean Salsa

As a child I was always in the kitchen with my mom while she was cooking or baking, trying to learn how to make her recipes so I could one day replicate them myself. I started to keep a recipe file and this very salsa recipe happens to be the first one I put into my card index at the age of 15. Read more

Vegan Ceviche

First Gazpacho and now Ceviche…sticking with the cold summer dishes theme I thought now would be a good time to post my Vegan Ceviche recipe. This cool, crisp salad is great served up with tortilla chips or my personal favorite, on top of a bed of lettuce. Read more

Gazpacho Face Off

We are currently experiencing a heatwave in Chicago, running outside has been quite a challenge, we’ve been drinking way more water than usual and our appetites have decreased…but who are we kidding, we’re still hungry! That is why this week we have decided to face off a cool summer recipe – Gazpacho – in layman’s terms, cold soup. Read more

Grilled Cheese with Avocado & Sriracha

Let me hit you up with some knowledge: When making grilled cheese, use mayo instead of butter. Yes. You read that correctly. Mayo. Instead of. Butter. I was not the person who came up with this idea…It was the one and only Paula Dean. The Queen of Butter. She showed me the way to make grilled cheese, and I haven’t looked back since.  Read more

Pinto Bean & Avocado Hummus

My sister-in-law sent me THIS LINK to an avocado hummus recipe and I was instantly eager to try an avocado dip that wasn’t guacamole for once. Don’t get me wrong, I adore guacamole, and love even more just avocados o’natural, but I seem to have the hardest time finding good recipes for dips & spreads that contain avocado; for one reason or the other. Anyone out there have some ideas for me? Read more

Hopdoddy Vegan Style – Austin, Texas

A friend of mine is a burger connoisseur – you know who you are (ahem…Nick). He tries many different burgers, shares his opinions about them and maintains a mental list of his top favorite burgers; Hopdoddy being the home to one of his Top Five. Our SXSW crew had never tried Hopdoddy in years past (Nick being the exception), so we were determined to get there this year. Read more

Kale & Avocado Salad

First, let me apologize for the not so pretty picture… I took this at my desk at work, and wasn’t thinking at the time it would be on the blog… But decided to post it anyways because it’s one of my favorite items in the Whole Foods prepared food section. Filled with lots of nutritious veggies, I can never pass up getting some when I see it… Read more