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Christmas Cookie Face Off

Christmas will be here before we know it (in 20 days!) – have you decorated the house, put up your tree, bought all your gifts, sent out your cards, prepared your dinner menu? I haven’t. This is without a doubt a hectic time of year, but regardless I always enjoy Christmas time and executing all of the above tasks to get me into the holiday spirit. Making cookies and wrapping gifts are probably my two favorite tasks at Christmas time, even more so when I am making cookies to give away as gifts. For this week’s Face Off we bring you two unique holiday cookies that would make great gifts – Vegan “Butter” Cookies vs. Christmassy Macaroons. Read more

Lemon Macaroons with White Chocolate Cranberry Sauce

Here we go. It’s the holidays, and I knew they were coming, but that doesn’t mean I am prepared. Looking at the calendar, my weekends are pretty much filled up until the middle of January. Holiday parties, traveling, more holiday parties, and boom. December is done and we are falling head first into January.

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Vegan Power Bars

One day at work my friend Maureen IMed me and said “I made a Susan friendly recipe.” Of course I was intrigued. She proceeded to bring me a a homemade bar that looked like a date bar, yet tasted like a cookie; it was delicious. She emailed me the recipe and mainly because I could not locate Coconut Butter at the store I decided to make a few adjustments to her version and came up with what I am calling Vegan Power Bars. Read more

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

Goodness gracious, do I love coconut. Samoas are my all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Almond Joys and Mounds are two of my top three candy bars, I drink coconut water before and after workouts, and if I buy coconut sorbet, you can bet the pint will be gone within 48 hours…or less (probably less). But somehow, my willpower and I managed not to eat all 16 of these little beauties the day I made them. Read more

SouthBites Food Truck Court – Austin, Texas

The SouthBites Food Truck Court popped up in an empty lot at the corner of Rainey and Driskill Streets in Austin, Texas for SXSW only. The perimeter of this court was all food trucks curated by Austin Star Chef and owner of Austin’s East Side King trailers, Paul Qui. In the middle of the trucks were tents where you could escape the sun as well as a full bar to ensure you could keep your buzz going throughout your day at SXSW. Read more

Coconut Chicken Curry

Spring, where the heck are you??? We’ve been waiting patiently, looking out our windows, and not seeing any tulips pop up or buds on trees starting to appear… Please explain yourself, as we are all very curious to find out what your deal is. Seriously.

Seeing as Winter is never leaving, this past Sunday was a chilly one. I, intentionally, went out to run errands in a light jacket. Hoping my outer wear would influence the temperature, which it didn’t, and I re-triggered my cold symptoms. Lucky for me, Susan and I had discussed making curry for our face off this week. A warm and spicy curry, filled with lots of veggies would be just the thing to make me feel better. That, and a Theraflu.

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