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Green Juice Face Off

The juicing vs smoothie debate seems to be all anyone is talking about these days. Which is better for you? Which is the best way to get the nutrients from the fresh ingredients? How can you make a bunch of fresh vegetables blending into a liquid form taste good? And so on and so on… I tend to be a neutral party on the subject, bouncing back and forth between smoothies and juicing, but to me its all about the flavor and ingredients.

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Apple Crisp Face Off

Has anyone else noticed that October is pretty much over? What the heck? It feels like this month, my favorite month, started last week, and now I look at the calendar and its over? I’m a bit annoyed and mostly mad at myself for not for not taking a break to enjoy it. Ugh.

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Asparagus Face Off

Things have been a bit hectic at FTB lately. Lots of traveling, work, holiday weekends, training for triathlons… and all of these things seemed to have clouded our minds, because we realized Sunday night at 10:46pm that we had nothing scheduled for our Face Off this week. A bit stumped on what to do, we needed something quick and easy since we are both slammed at work, and Susan was heading out to NYC on Wednesday. So instead of facing off on an actual recipe, it was decided we would use a seasonal vegetable and prepare however we wanted. Read more

Roasted Asparagus with 6 Minute Eggs

From time to time, I need something simple. Simple to make, simple flavors, and simple to clean up. Usually this means a bowl of cereal or granola instead of a salad or sandwich for lunch, or heating up an Amy’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese for dinner. But simple doesn’t have to be tossed in the microwave or come from a box. It can be as easy as turning on the oven, putting water in a pot, and waiting. Read more

Chipotle Turkey Chili (and a lesson in beans)

If you take away anything from this blog, is please be sure to cook your beans. Seriously.

I should have known this. I should have done this. But the truth was, I thought I could take a short cut, and that the beans I soaked over night would cook in the chili and would be done by the time we were all ready to eat. That wasn’t the case. Not in the least.

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Sriracha Sweet Potato Salad

When Susan challenged me to a Potato Salad Face Off, my mind went blank. Potato Salad? But that’s just potatoes and mayo, right? How can I make a good Face Off recipe out of those two things? While mulling it over, my sweet potato obsession started speaking to me, and so I figured I would give it a whirl… Read more