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Posts tagged ‘Fried Tofu Face Off’

Quesadilla Face Off

A quesadilla is traditionally cheese melted inside of a toasty tortilla, but in addition to cheese you can add in any number of your favorite ingredients. If you feel like something savory try your favorite cheese and choice of cooked meat, or if you want something lighter try sautéed kale with parmesan or if you crave something sweet make a dessert quesadilla with peanut butter and bananas. You have endless options, all you need are a few tortilla shells to get started. Read more

Potato Leek Soup Face Off

We’re hitting record lows in Chicago (and across the US), so what better way to warm up than a hot bowl of soup? I find myself making soup on a regular basis this time of year, and Potato Leek is one of my go-to soups; it is an easy to follow recipe, it comes together quickly and I usually have all ingredients on hand (with the exception of the leeks). Read more

Caesar Salad Face Off

An all time favorite, the Caesar Salad. Probably the first time you ordered a salad for a meal, it was a Caesar. In all its simplicity, the lettuce, a rich dressing, cheese and croutons, tossed together in a surprisingly filling bowl of creamy and crisp goodness. And let’s face it, you don’t order a this if you are counting calories, unless you have the dressing on the side, but what’s the fun in that? If I’m ordering a Caesar salad, I want every inch of it drenched in dressing. because the dressing is really the star of this salad. Read more

Breakfast Scramble Face Off

When you think of a breakfast scramble you probably think of eggs; unless you are Vegan then your thoughts quickly switch over to the scramble you can have…Tofu. For this week’s Face Off we decided to try our hand at breakfast scrambles – two unique breakfast options with simple, yet interchangeable, ingredients. Read more

Gazpacho Face Off

We are currently experiencing a heatwave in Chicago, running outside has been quite a challenge, we’ve been drinking way more water than usual and our appetites have decreased…but who are we kidding, we’re still hungry! That is why this week we have decided to face off a cool summer recipe – Gazpacho – in layman’s terms, cold soup. Read more

Cocktail Face Off

It’s officially summer – the weather in Chicago may not be “perfect” yet, but the street fests have begun and the Sunday-Funday drinking is in full effect. For this week’s Face Off I challenged Morgan to make a great summer-inspired Cocktail (I’m shocked we haven’t done this yet). If you are looking for some good tasting summer-time drinks that are easy to whip up we came up with 2 options for you… Read more

Mac & Cheese Face Off

WARNING – these recipes may cause binge eating! One of America’s comfort foods, Macaroni & Cheese, has been transformed into Vegan and Gluten Free versions for this weeks Fried Tofu Face Off. Read more

Curry Face Off

Curry is a generic term that we (Westerners) use to describe dishes that are Southern or Southeastern Asian cuisine. What do you think of when you hear the word curry? Indian or Asian cuisine? Chinese, Japanese or Thai food? Read more

Chicken Salad Face Off

There is something comforting to me about a scoop of chicken salad between two halves of a croissant, in the middle of a tomato or on a bed of mixed greens. It brings back memories of eating lunch in a bustling diner while drinking ice tea and chatting with friends or family. Of course, I am a bit particular about my chicken salad… I don’t like my chicken salad too mayo-y, too watery or too dry. It has to be just right, and  making it at home is the way to ensure it turns out perfect. Read more

Beet Salad Face Off

Steamed, cooked, pickled, cold, shredded raw – there are many ways to consume beets. Typically a deep red wine color, you can also find beets golden yellow or red and white striped. Beets are a low calorie and nutritious veggie with a very mild, yet unique flavor. Try a beet for breakfast to get your daily dose of Vitamin C, for lunch in a salad or for dinner as a great source of Iron. Read more

Chili Face Off

Sundays. Chili. Football. Friends. What else do you in need in the cold winter months when you want to get out of your hibernation slump? Susan and her husband hosted our Chili Face Off a few weeks ago with a few friends to help us enjoy our Face Off recipes. I can say that this was a challenge for Susan and I because neither of us have ever written down a chili recipe before now.

Read more

Potato Salad Face Off

I know what you are thinking – “What are they doing making Potato Salad in the Winter?” Traditionally at my house for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter my mother’s potato salad always made an appearance. If it didn’t, my cousins were verbally upset about it. Potato Salad replaced or was served along side with the mashed potatoes at all our holiday events. Read more

Smoothie Face Off

A few months ago, I did a 21 day cleanse, and had to remove a lot of things from my diet like dairy, gluten, soy, chocolate, and alcohol. The later two were probably the hardest to cut out. On this particular cleanse, I was restricted to two liquid meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and a regular meal at lunch. I wanted to have some variety to my liquid meals, so I challenged Susan to a smoothie Face Off. Read more

Pesto Pasta Face Off

Pesto can either be really decadent or really healthy. Traditionally made with lots of Parmesan cheese, olive oil and pine nuts, a little can go a long way. Because Morgan and I tend to lean towards the healthy side we wanted to come up with two versions of pesto that were nutritious and easy to make, yet versatile enough to be used in a number of ways. Read more