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Pancakes Face Off

Pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes…whatever you call them I consider this dish to be the All American Breakfast item. Just about every country around the world has their own version of a pancake, some thin like crepes, some savory and covered in gravy, some stuffed with fruit or jam; but these starchy treats in America are typically sweet, served for breakfast, fluff up like a pillow and are covered in butter and maple syrup. For this weeks Face Off we brought to the ring 2 great recipes – one as always is Vegan and free of animals, the other Gluten Free and free of grains. Read more

Banana Walnut Pancakes

I’ve been dying for pancakes recently. I have no idea why, because normally, I’m a total egg person for breakfast. Without fail, I will order an omelet, a skillet, a scramble, whatever contains eggs and sounds good at the moment. Since trying to avoid gluten, I have found myself eyeing all those starchy breakfast items when out to brunch. The pancakes, waffles and crepes always seem to catch my attention in a way they have never done before… so when the chance came for us to face off this week, I wanted pancakes and nothing else!
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