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Posts tagged ‘PIneapple’

Tart Green Juice

I actually should name this Sarah-Mai’s Espresso as this is her version of an Espresso. This green juice is her way of waking up in the morning in place of having caffeine and it really does work. So start your year off right, replace your caffeine with fresh juice! Read more

Cocktail Face Off

It’s officially summer – the weather in Chicago may not be “perfect” yet, but the street fests have begun and the Sunday-Funday drinking is in full effect. For this week’s Face Off I challenged Morgan to make a great summer-inspired Cocktail (I’m shocked we haven’t done this yet). If you are looking for some good tasting summer-time drinks that are easy to whip up we came up with 2 options for you… Read more

Mint Pineapple Hi

Once upon a time, at a sushi restaurant that is no longer around, Susan and I went for dinner on a Saturday night. Being that the said-sushi place was rather popular, and occupied a very small space, we had about a 45 minute wait for a table. And what does one do in these situations? Well, one orders a drink. And the drink of choice was a wonderful martini, a Pineapple Hi. There was lots of vodka and very little pineapple juice is this particular cocktail, and after downing two while we waiting, I have very little recollection of our dinner. Though, I sure remembered the cocktail, which is why I decided to tweak it a bit for our first cocktail Face Off! Read more