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Potato Leek Soup Face Off

We’re hitting record lows in Chicago (and across the US), so what better way to warm up than a hot bowl of soup? I find myself making soup on a regular basis this time of year, and Potato Leek is one of my go-to soups; it is an easy to follow recipe, it comes together quickly and I usually have all ingredients on hand (with the exception of the leeks). Read more

Vegan Potato Leek Soup

For me leeks were one of those intimidating looking vegetables at the grocery store and as scared of Kale as I used to be, I was equally scared of leeks. I didn’t know what they tasted like, I didn’t know any recipes that called for them and I had no idea how to prepare them. Read more

Potato Leek Soup

Because everyone is talking about how cold it is outside, I will not be talking about how cold it is… though, it’s really freaking cold outside. Instead, I will write about my resolve to actually adhere to my resolutions this year. And while most of us find resolutions to be “I will not do [insert bad habit/activity here]” I want to have a positive spin on this year, and get back to the basic things that make me happy.

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Potato Torte

Another wonderful recipe adapted from my Pure Vegan cookbook. This Potato Torte is a combination of thin slices of potatoes coated with garlic, herbs and olive oil, all cooked up together in a spring form pan to give the dish some height. A very savory dish that goes well served alongside other vegetables and/or salad. Read more

Fingerling Fries

Another recipe using my purchases from the Farmers Market last week…today it’s Fingerling Potatoes. I didn’t want to mash these guys up because I love the shape of this potato, so I decided to make some Fingerling Fries for dinner one night (yes, you heard me right, I served fries for dinner!). Read more