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Posts tagged ‘Soyrizo’

Stuffed Peppers Face Off

Stuffed Peppers are found in all types of cuisine – Chilie Relleno’s are Mexico’s version, Stuffed Piquillo’s are Spain’s version, Dolma’s are the Mediterranean version, the list goes on. In America we stuff bell peppers with a variety of goodies from meat to cheese to vegetables; your options are endless for this easy to put together entrée. Read more

Soyrizo Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a simple way to make a side dish a main entrée. People usually assume that all I can eat are side dishes because the main entrée is meat. If you are Vegan you know this is far from true, but I digress. Rice, quinoa and other grains tend to be seen as side dishes, the starchy component to accompany a meal. Vegans and Vegetarians use this starch as their main dish, stuff it into a pepper and you’ll fool any meat eater that it’s an entrée. Read more

Super Bowl Sausage Dip: Two Ways

The Super Bowl, time for unnecessary betting, eating, and enjoying a full Sunday dedicated to football with friends and family. Susan and I are headed out to our friend’s house for the big day, and we are bring two version of what might be the best dip ever created. Ok, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but in all seriousness, it’s pretty freaking good. Read more

Vegan Soyrizo Chili

Going into this Face Off I truly did not have an idea of what I wanted my main chili ingredient to be (well, other than Chili Powder and Cumin of course). I was going to make a 6 bean chili at first, but decided I should experiment with some kind of Seitan or Tofu to make my chili more “meaty”. I decided to go with a Soyrizo based chili (Melissa’s Vegan Chorizo) because I had recently heard someone raving about a Chorizo Chili they tried which ended up winning a chili cook off. I figured that Soyrizo might give my chili the kick I was looking for. Read more